My Feet Are At The Edge Of The Bridge…

“My feet are at the edge of the bridge
I think I’m lost again
Gravity always wins
I can’t keep up the fight within
I’m sinking like a stone
Digging up all the bones of a past that just won’t let me go”

Hollywood Undead – Alright

I have had this amazing bridge prop from MINIMAL for far too long now and while I knew wanted to use it, I didn’t know what for. I had to find something that fit me and lined up with a song or a feeling that I could relate a song to because I like doing that. I finally found the song that brought the idea into focus for me. Thanks to Hollywood Undead’s new album Hotel Kalifornia, and it’s closing track “Alright.” Now just for the record I’m in a perfectly good headspace so this isn’t a literal thing, it’s an idea and bringing that idea to life. With that being said I think we have all found ourselves at one point feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, no good thing to come, that “jumping off of a bridge” might be the best thing to do. Thankfully I’ve never gotten that far, but I’ve certainly felt like nothing I’m doing is going right and that it’s all just been a waste of time. It’s not, but we are human, and we will have those moments of doubt.

Honestly, I had the idea for the picture before I had the words this time. I really didn’t know what I wanted to write about or talk about, anything would do I suppose. As I’ve said in prior posts, I like to just write a lot of the time, most of it having nothing to do with what I’ve worn, or at most very loosely relating to it. This is my space to do those kinds of things and I enjoy that aspect of this. If you have been around here often you also know I don’t remove posts or hide things from any points in time. If I wrote it and it happened here, you can still find it here. Bloggers tend to break their own blog into sections, we all do it differently so it’s impossible to figure them all out. Some do only categories for stores or events, some do their sponsors only, some do a monthly (which is a default of sorts at least on most blogs).

I do a combination of them here. You can find categories with events, holidays, fashion, decor, life, music, movies, TV, games, but the most important category split to me is “The Chapters.” I break my writing into chapters, like a book because that’s how I view it. They may not all flow together perfectly but they are my chapters. I don’t erase them, I don’t hide from them, just because something ended doesn’t mean the good things that happened before that now have to be wiped out. To me there is nothing wrong with keeping that here because at the end of the day they are part of my story. I think in each of them each side has bad and good and that’s just how life works. We’re not always right and things don’t always work out, but you learn from it all. Outsiders can view it however they see fit, whether that be by what they’ve heard or what they assume happened. I’ve learned to ignore them because they just “think” they know. I could go on and on about it all, and how each one has worked out the way it did, the why’s, the how’s, the “what ifs” but there isn’t anything to be gained in doing that. Chapter closed.

On a lighter note we got a nice new weekend sale, this time for the guys! The TMD Weekend Sale kicked off it’s first weekend of sales and I was damn impressed with what was in it. I bought multiple things, not all in this post because again I had the idea first and the words and outfit came after that. But I knew when I saw the Cold-Ash Blaise tee in a brand new for the sale “Summer Designs” fatpack that I had to get it. I loved the Blaise tee originally and still wear the Pride version they made a couple of years back. This tee is literal perfection in every way. Go get it now before the sale ends, and if you miss the sale, you should still buy it because I promise you will not regret having it. I picked up things from [Deadwool], ARCBACK, Cold-Ash, [COMPLEX], and more! To find out more about the TMD Weekend Sale visit their Flickr link below. I am thrilled to have something that is guy stuff focused, no offense ladies you all are great, but we need some good things too!

Last but not least, August 17th is coming up and LeLutka EON wearers and beard lovers rejoice, [MAGNIFICENT] is back and you are at the front of the line in updates and products! You will have two new updated beards to work with your lovely EON head. The [MAGNIFICENT] for EON – Bento HIPSTER and FADED Stache & Beard will both be ready to buy and I can tell you they look and fit perfect. If you are like I am, you tend to favor a beard brand over a style, and if you’ve been a fan of [MAGNIFICENT] then these will make you happy! Check out Man Cave on August 17th and get the preview look below!

Click to go to [MAGNIFICENT]’s Flickr!

“I’m sorry if I hurt you
The pain was meant for me
And the scars of tomorrow are getting easier to see
I’ll have to fix what I made
I have to walk down the path
And I’m sorry if I don’t come back”

Hollywood Undead – Alright


Head: LeLUTKA.Head.EON.3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Head Applier:
Hair: [MAGNIFICENT] THOR Bun – Grooming Hair – LeBarbier Alpha
LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.044 (BOM) ~ Jaden Nova (Comes with the LeLUTKA NOA Head)
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Beard: [MAGNIFICENT] Bento HIPSTER Stache & Beard for EON ~ LeBarbier Alpha ~ COMING SOON @ Man Cave (August 17th)
Beard Layer:
Volkstone Rey Facial Hair // 004 TINTABLE (BOM) ~ Daves Hexem
[LEGACY] Athletic Edition (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
STRAY DOG – Legacy Skin – TONE 04 (BOM) ~ Gac Akina
Tattoo Top:
DAPPA – Reckoning Tattoo. [FADED] Lelutka EvoX. ~ Devil Fae ~ NEW @ equal10 (Aug 10-Sept 5)
Tattoo Lower L: IDTTY Body Shop – Secret Fate ~ Melissa Hindrabar
Tattoo Lower R: IDTTY Body Shop – Lonely Road ~ Melissa Hindrabar

Shirt: cold ash. LEGACY M – BLAISE Tee (Summer Designs FATPACK) ~ Coldash Resident ~ NEW @ TMD Weekend End Sale (Aug 12-Aug 14)
Pants: <kalback> ViBe Jeans Ripped (Medium) FULLPACK ~ Patrix Beck
Shoes: [Shoeminati] xDunkLow Revamp – UCLA – Legacy M ~ seanb419 mills ~ NEW @ Main Store
Earrings: = DAE = SXD1 ~ Naomi Darkheart

Bridge: MINIMAL – Liberty Bridge ~ MINIMALgroup Resident

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