Lelaera. Lelantis. Lelara. Whatever the name is or has been now or ever. When I started out in World of Warcraft it was over on the European servers. I never planned on it becoming anything more than something to do. I didn’t know any of the lore, have any sense of the community a guild might bring, or what anything even was. Playing over there with the massive time zone differences made none of that a thing I would learn.

Only after moving over to the North American servers in the summer of 2010 did I begin to understand. I joined my first actual guild, one that a friend was the GM of and it gave me an in to try new things. I learned more about the game and even started to raid for the first time. I never knew it would become what it has. Here I am 10 years later leading my own guild, with friends whom I’ve met and have grown with from server to server, and even through a couple of guilds. We’re more family than friends now.

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