The Chapters

The best way to explain “The Chapters” is to quote myself from the post “From The Vault: When The Sun Won’t Come Around

My main category is “The Chapters” and each has it’s own subtitle. Yes each name has a point to it, no I will not explain them, if you get them you get them, if not, then please enjoy them anyway! Some chapters are longer than others, some have sub-chapters, others don’t. Memories are a good thing to have and all of the people in them have meaning. That’s why digging through the vault is fun for me. There’s something attached to each one, and revisiting those is a good thing now. In the past I wouldn’t have been as willing to dive back into them, but my view on that has changed with the directions life has gone. Appreciate all of the times, learn from them, reminisce about them, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck in them, just that you are acknowledging they happened.

Chapter I: This Could Be The Start Of Something Good

Chapter II: Mask And Mien

Chapter III: When The Sun Won’t Come Around

Chapter III.V: Find Someone To Sit With You

Chapter III.VIII: Couldn’t See The Thunder For The Storm

Chapter IV: Burn Your Biographies

Chapter V: Rewrite Your Histories

Chapter V.II: Beauty And Rage

Chapter VI: Lead Me To The Part Of You That Never Really Heals

Chapter VI.V: The Midnight Conversations

Chapter VII: It’s Feeling Like A Hurricane In My Brain

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