Hello! I’m Lucky (ArchaicXIII Resident) thanks for taking a few moments to wonder about who I am. I have been a Second Life member since July of 2009. My original avatar has long since been retired and I have been active on this one off and on since August 16, 2011. It took me a while to really get into things outside of just hanging out with some real life friends who had talked me into venturing into this virtual world we call home. I have taken a break twice from this world three times now, once from late 2013-2014 and then again from mid 2017- early 2018. I then stepped away for a while from the middle of Summer 2018 to December 2018. I’ll never promise that I’m back permanently because honestly even I don’t know.

My goal here as of now is to just be me. If that means more blogging awesome, if that means just hanging out with the people I call family then that is great too. If I blog, I blog things and ideas that I truly love and they may not always tie 100% into Second Life. The best part of that is no matter what you will always get the unfiltered truth from me. If I do not like something you will not see it here and if I do like something then you will see it here should I choose to do something with it. I am always open to new opportunities, though I will not guarantee anything, but if you would like to reach me in regards to working together please use any of my contact methods. I will do my best to respond ASAP.

Second Life: ArchaicXIII Resident
Facebook: Lucky Spiritor
Flickr: Lucky Spiritor
Plurk: Lucky Spiritor
Battle.Net: Lelantis#2468 (I am Alliance (North America) on Kilrogg/Winterhoof)
Discord: Lel#1811
Twitch: Lelantis

You can also reach me via the Contact page