24:8 – The Kobe Bryant Project


Originally when I made my post about Kobe I felt like the words were on point but that the images didn’t really convey what I really wanted them to. That’s on me, and while I won’t rehash a lot of what I already said I do want to pay the proper respect to it. Instead of shooting individual shots of it all I tried to use wide shots and I think a lot was lost in that.

Since I won’t be leaving it up inworld for much longer (prims be damned) I wanted to better document all of it for not only myself but for anyone else who would care to see it. Included below are links to a page that covers each section of the memorial I put together. Everything from the every day jerseys to high school to the Olympics is covered. I even have a few bonus pieces in there like flirtations with other teams in 2004 and 2007. I thought it was a nice bit of history to showcase.

I also stepped way outside of my comfort zone and attempted to make a small video kind of showing off at least the frames. It’s far from the greatest video but the fact that I was willing to even attempt it shows this mattered to me. I will be putting a post on Facebook and most likely leaving it open to those who would like to see it before I remove it on Saturday, March 7. I’ll put a SLurl and a timeframe on it, probably early evening until the wee hours of Sunday. You’re welcome to visit, take pictures, etc, just be respectful to anyone else who may be there. I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.










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