Years Of Sweat And Tears To Overcompensate, Banking Every Deed Needed To Accumulate

“Every moment taking all that I could take
Never stopped to watch destruction in the wake
With all the bridges burned and wounds I didn’t mend
The worth I thought I’d earned was worthless in the end”

Nickelback – Unredeemable [Redeemable Version]

The last time I sat down to even do the smallest New Year’s post was eight years ago. No, really it was, I had to go back and look myself and December 31, 2015, was indeed the date. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? I wasn’t blogging back in December of 2020 and honestly who really had much good to write after year one of Covid. I know I didn’t. I surely didn’t in 2021 either as I wasn’t back on the grid then either. 2022 though we are here, somewhat, so let’s get a quick post done.

As you know from reading previous posts, I would go on to lose my paternal grandfather shortly after the start of 2021. It was a harbinger of what was to come in the next year plus. The things I wish I knew before I knew them. A never-ending list. I was out of Second Life by the time late 2021 rolled around so I certainly was not writing anything at that time. I didn’t even have a thought of coming back at that point either. Life was a mess, more people died (yep you’ve heard the stories already), and I really didn’t have a lot that I felt good about. Second Life had taken an indefinite break from October-ish until around February of 2022. My focus ended up being elsewhere and it was probably for the best that it did.

I remember the end of 2021 very clearly. I know what I was doing (yep playing World of Warcraft), who I was spending time with (someone I grew to care for quite a bit), and where I thought things were going (I took a chance and a trip I never thought I would). They may not have turned out the way either of us had hoped but it was still the best way to end 2021. It was also the best way to start 2022 out. I made big decisions, took leaps, and did things I wouldn’t have guessed I would do at any point before that. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. One that was worth the pain, time, energy, all of it. I would say after everything it is the highlight of 2022 for me.

Now we are here at the end of 2022 and the dice are being rolled again, what they land on no one knows yet. I have been far less present in Second Life over the past month, and my reasons for that are of course Warcraft-related. As you know if you’ve been around here for more than a minute, I am an avid World of Warcraft player. You can find all of the miscellaneous WoW-related posts here. Going into a new expansion is always a busy time for all of us, but it’s even more so when you are the captain of the ship now. This is the second expansion now that I have led my own guild into a new frontier and it’s a role I take very seriously, as does my entire Leadership team.

People who don’t play the game or play it more casually probably don’t understand the work and efforts that go into the day-to-day of keeping everything moving forward there. The best way I’ve found to describe it is like running a small company, one where you can’t control what everyone does at any waking moment, but being there to assist any and all of them as much as you can along the way. We as a guild normally run a team of around 15 players and even that is challenging to cover every single thing everyone needs.

Going into Dragonflight (that’s our new expansion) we as a team decided to expand and bring in more people who shared the same mindset and goals as we do. It turned us from a 15-person team into a 25-person team in the span of a couple of weeks. It’s awesome to have that many people on your team, but it’s also a hell of a lot harder to cover all of them and provide what we as a Leadership team believe we should.

Overall 2022 has been another year of ups and downs, safe to say most of you would probably say the same. I think we’d all say that most years truthfully. I learned a lot more about loss and how to handle it, what to do, what not to do, and ultimately what works for me. It will never be perfect. We’d be foolish to expect it to be perfect anyway. You have to find that place that is somewhere between chaos and perfection and everyone’s is different. Once you find it, you’ll know, then just be you, and do what’s best for you, even if you ruffle feathers in the process. At the end of the day -you- are responsible for your happiness after all. I’m looking for mine, it’s around here somewhere, and when I find it I’m sure you will be the first to know.

Posting will pick back up in 2023 as things settle down on other fronts. I have some ideas I want to make use of as well as some banked things to post. I’m looking forward to all of that because at the end of the day I do this for me and if you like it, then hey that’s a bonus and I’m glad you do. 2023 is going to be another year of unknowns and I feel like I say that every year and every year it’s a true as the year before it. I think for a change I’m sticking to do things for me, that I want, and as I want to. I’ve spent far too many with my focus elsewhere. Here’s to a new year of all of the things. Credits are below, see you soon.

“Is it fortune
Is it fate
To fix this life
Is there time or a little bit too late
Am I worthy to lift this weight?
I’ve got to try”

Nickelback – Unredeemable [Redeemable Version]


Head: LeLUTKA.Head.NOA.3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Head Applier:
Hair: [MAGNIFICENT] THOR Bun – Grooming Hair – LeBarbier Alpha
LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.044 (BOM) ~ Jaden Nova (Comes with the LeLUTKA NOA Head)
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Beard Layer:
Volkstone Rey Facial Hair // 004 TINTABLE (BOM) ~ Daves Hexem
[LEGACY] Athletic Edition (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
STRAY DOG – Legacy Skin – TONE 04 (BOM) ~ Gac Akina
DAPPA – Reckoning Tattoo. [FRESH] Lelutka EvoX. ~ Devil Fae

Suit Coat/Shirt: [Deadwool] The Tux – Jacket ~ Masa Plympton ~ NEW @ Main Store
Pants: [Deadwool] The Tux – Trousers ~ Masa Plympton ~ NEW @ Main Store
Shoes: [Deadwool] Oxford Shoes ~ Masa Plympton
Earrings:= DAE = SXD1 ~ Naomi Darkheart

Backdrop: MINIMAL – Ancien Elevator Backdrop ~ MINIMALgroup Resident
Pose: CKEY poses – Sebastian Poses – Sebastian 5 ~ Nescolet Resident ~ NEW @ Man Cave (Dec 17-Jan 11)
Balloons: hive // balloon letters . gold ~ Lundy Lovely

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