We’re Separated By A Margin Of A Greater Degree

“I’m dedicated to the shadow that’s been following me
It caught me counting the cards
I guess the rules remain
Oh it was heavenly then
But the devils were calling my name”

Architects – when we were young

What is up everybody?! I’m back sooner than expected with some fresh things to show off. Cyber Fair is back and in full swing from now until September 22nd! It is one of the events I look forward to every single time and as usual it did not disappoint. I had to stop myself from putting like 50 different items in this photo. I wanted to make sure I put the focus on a few things at time because damn do they deserve it. The idea for this shot came about when I saw the Hammerhead from [sau] that you can find at Cyber Fair. I knew that this picture was going the Cyberpunk 2077 direction and I was all for it. Throw in the epic [sau] Raptor which actually fires weapons and you’ve got yourself quite the chase ready to shoot.

I added in some things that I’ve had from PITAYA&TROPIX in their prior Cyber City gacha to kind of fill in my space, but what was my space right? I could have gone a ton of directions with it, plenty of cyber type backdrops are out there and even the Cyber City gacha has numerous buildings that I could have used to build a massive scene. As much as I would have LOVED doing that, time was of the essence so maybe I’ll build big things next go round. Thankfully I had the Underpass backdrop from VARONIS and it served as a the perfect scene to execute my escape from my robot overlords. Small side-note too, I was today years old when I learned that my limit is 3 avatars logged in cranked to max at once because holy hell. It worked but never again.

I didn’t forget Cyber Fair though, the next thing I grabbed there was [LINKRAVE]‘s Display Screen Hive – Type A because honestly it just looked fucking cool to me. Like I didn’t have a plan for it but I knew when I saw it that I had to get it. Those are the best kinds of purchases because the item just grabs you and you’re like yeah this is good. No plan on what or where I’d use it, but thankfully it was the perfect compliment to the scene and helped fill some space in the photo. I think it does a great job of adding light and flair to that portion and it will see many scenes to come.

And of course, what about me. I’ve definitely mentioned [TANAKA] as being not only a brand that caught my eye when I saw them, but I am proud to be sponsored by them. So when this newest mask/hat combination showed up in my Flickr feed I knew it was going to be something I needed. I would have bought the fatpack immediately, and I’ve done that a few times now even being sponsored by them. I believe that even with a sponsor if you truly love what they do, you support them like they do you, it’s a good blogger-creator relationship in my mind. The creator sees that you love their work enough to spend money on it when you could just blogotex it. I didn’t have to this time but it is worth every cent. There are FIVE different versions of it, you can buy one, you can buy them all, I suggest all but hey that’s me. Each comes with it’s own HUD to change the graphic on the eyes of the mask to one of five different options and one to turn the graphic off completely.


Last but not least the September round of The Mens Dept opened on September 5th and runs through September 30th. I have only just begun the shopping at TMD but I know like always it will leave my wallet lighter and my inventory heavier. It is our tried and true event and I’ve been around long enough to remember it starting out and being so excited that SecondLife men were getting their own specific event. No shade to the ladies, as always, but I remember when we didn’t even have mesh hands, feet, or bodies. We are usually the last to get the things and TMD opened a door for us. I’ll always be excited for the 5th of the month to come around.

I’ve picked up a few items there and I’m rocking one of those in today’s post. VRSION is a brand that I’ve loved buying items from since they came to be and my inventory can back that statement up. Whether it’s a shirt, jacket, pants, helmets, it’s always quality and has multiple options as you can see in the HUD above. This round we’ve got the RV68 Gilet w/Tee in eight different variations, all of which are great. I know this will sound familiar but if you can fatpack do it, because being able to mix and match parts from each variation is 100% worth the cost. Credits for everything else can be found below, make sure to pop over to Cyber Fair for exclusive goodies and The Mens Dept for the newest releases from some of our favorite creators. You’ve got plenty of time but let’s be honest, what are you waiting for? GOOOOOOOO!

[TANAKA] HANNYA SETTO available now @ Cyber Fair! Follow TANAKA on Flickr, join the Flickr Group, Facebook, and join the in-world group to stay up to date on all the latest news!

“Is there something in your eye?
Did you fall or were you just on a high?
Everybody’s so afraid they could die
But they never once said
Thank God we’re alive”

Architects – when we were young


Head: LeLUTKA.Head.EON.3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Head Applier:
LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.044 (BOM) ~ Jaden Nova (Comes with the LeLUTKA NOA Head)
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Beard Layer:
Volkstone Rey Facial Hair // 004 TINTABLE (BOM) ~ Daves Hexem
[LEGACY] Athletic Edition (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
STRAY DOG – Legacy Skin – TONE 04 (BOM) ~ Gac Akina
Tattoo Top:
DAPPA – Reckoning Tattoo. [FADED] Lelutka EvoX. ~ Devil Fae

Mask/Hat: [TNK] HANNYA SETTO – VENTO AUREO ~ Tanaka Cloud ~ NEW @ Cyber Fair (Sept 2-Sept 22)
Jacket/Tee: VRSION RV68 Gilet w/Tee FATPACK ~ Badon Rain ~ NEW @ The Mens Dept (Sept 5-Sept 30)
Pants: <kalback> Everyday Jeans M4 ~ Patrix Beck
Earrings:= DAE = SXD1 ~ Naomi Darkheart
Rings/Bracelet:*RE* Aeon Bracelet & Rings ~ Crashnoww Resident

Backdrop: VARONIS – Asahi Underpass Backdrop ~ ZaraSuto Resident
Pose: ACT5-885-Male Riding Motorcycle Pose ~ ShakiLyn Peppermint
Trash: DRD – San Mora – City Trash – Pile – C ~ Deathrowdesigns Resident
Wires: PITAYA&TROPIX – Cyber City Gacha – wires ~ Dyana Rain
Tower 1: PITAYA&TROPIX – Cyber City Gacha – control tower ~ IgorAlemeida Blackbart
Tower 2: [LINKRAVE] Display Screen Hive – Type-A (Gallery) ~ Crias Rowlands ~ NEW @ Cyber Fair (Sept 2-Sept 22)
Traffic Cone: PITAYA&TROPIX – Cyber City Gacha – traffic cone ~ Dyana Rain
Bike: [sau]Hammerhead[1.22] ~ NiR McBride ~ NEW @ Cyber Fair (Sept 2-Sept 22)
Car: [sau]2k77[Raptor][1.31] ~ NiR McBride

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