The Voices In My Head Keep Telling Me To Choose A Side

“The voices in my head keep telling me I’m insane
And maybe I’m a little bit, that won’t change
Dark clouds, dark skies, bad weather
Please don’t make this last forever”

Falling In Reverse – Voices In My Head

Welcome to another new post format that I’ll be using way less than the others, but I like it nonetheless. There is still one format that I haven’t used yet, but it is coming, all in due time. I’m excited about it so keep your eyes open for it. This idea came to me randomly while I was trying to figure out what to post next and while I have a couple of things in the process of being ready, they are not there yet. I was not coming up with much until I happened to dig through my photos. Then an idea hit me. I could reshoot a shot I took in the past and posted, but that I really didn’t love myself. It doesn’t matter that other people did or that it had faves or comments, I just didn’t love the shot completely. I knew the perfect one to start with, the one that was my top photo for going on seven years on Flickr and for the life of me I could not understand why. I loathed it in comparison to other photos I had done and thankfully the lovely slide photo managed to knock it off the perch it held for so long.

The original. You can read the blog post HERE if you’d like.

I knew this was -the- photo to reshoot. I wanted to see if I could make it still true to the original while giving it a fresh coat of paint and obviously a current version of me. Challenge accepted and thankfully because I still have the photo, the post, and all of the credits I was able to recreate the look down to even the tattoo. Thank you { Speakeasy } for having tattoo layers in there for that one. It made it that much easier to pull off the same look. While trying to keep it true to it’s original vibe I did opt for a few changes because I didn’t care for parts of the original. I kept the pose and look, but added in a backdrop because I really didn’t like the bland black/brown background on the other shot. I also decided to have some facial expression as well as tossing in an award statuette in my hand since it lined up with the backdrop. I actually have come to appreciate the original shot a bit more in doing this, but I’m way more happy with the new version of it. Plus it gave me another reason to work on something different to put out here. This is a short post format so we’re cutting it short here, credits for everything can be found below!

“The voices in my head keep on telling me to pray
‘Cause I’m spinning like a carousel, circling the drain
Hit the bottom of the bottle, I don’t wanna feel the pain
I’m losing my mind but I don’t wanna talk about it”

Falling In Reverse – Voices In My Head


Head: LeLUTKA.Head.NOA.3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Head Applier:
[MAGNIFICENT] THOR Bun – Grooming Hair – LeBarbier Alpha
LeLUTKA.EvoX.Hairbase.044 (BOM) ~ Jaden Nova (Comes with the LeLUTKA NOA Head)
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Ear Skin: ^^Swallow^^ Stray Dog 04 Gauged S Ears (m)
Ear Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Scorpio Fresh ~ Jamie Nova
Beard: [MAGNIFICENT] DUCKY SKUNK – Beard – LeBarbier Alpha
Beard Layer:
Volkstone Rey Facial Hair // 004 TINTABLE (BOM) ~ Daves Hexem
[LEGACY] Athletic Edition (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
STRAY DOG – Legacy Skin – TONE 04 (BOM) ~ Gac Akina
Abs: {Baecraft} Abs SD Tone 04 ~ Kriztal Moonites
Tattoo Top:
{ Speakeasy } Lust Tattoo ~ Jamie Nova
Tatoo Lower L: IDTTY Body Shop – Secret Fate ~ Melissa Hindrabar
Tattoo Lower R: IDTTY Body Shop – Lonely Road ~ Melissa Hindrabar

Shirt: ..S..: Gem Flannel – Plaid ~ JaePreme Resident
Glasses: [Z O O M] Mercurium Glasses ~ Jonas Acanthus
Necklace: ^^Swallow^^ Three Crosses Necklace Combo (MALE) ~ Luciayes Magic
Rings/Bracelet: *RE* Aeon Bracelet & Rings ~ Crashnoww Resident
Earrings: = DAE = SXD1 ~ Naomi Darkheart
Award: [Commoner] Award Statuette ~ Emery Milneaux

Pose: RK Poses_Cody_1 ~ Keon Xenga
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Red Carpet (Halloween Edition and Regular combined to make this look) ~ Satomi XOXO

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