Things I Stand For.

These are things I proudly stand for and with.


Black Lives Matter Official Website

Black Lives Matter CARRD Info Portal

Emmanuel Acho’s “Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man”

Why does this matter to me? I’m not sure I really need to elaborate on why this matters to me. If you really want to dig into my thoughts, please read my post I Feel Like There’s More Purpose. I go over my thoughts on a lot and there are quite a bit of facts involved. In short, until Black Lives Matter, All lives do not matter. If you disagree, you don’t belong on my page.


GLAAD Website

Second Pride – Second Life’s PRIDE Website

Library of Congress History on Pride Month

Why does this matter to me? Because I have both friends and family members whom are under the Pride umbrella. I view none of them differently and firmly believe their rights and feelings should and must be equal to anyone else. We are all human.


Official Website



Official Website

Register To Vote

What is March For Our Lives mission and story?

Why does this matter to me? I’ve watched far too much gun violence grow at an exceptional rate from my time in school and since I’ve left the school system. No parent or child should fear going to school and not coming home. I know that covers only a small section, but an important one. I’m proud to see the younger generation pushing for changes and leading by example. Register to vote and VOTE. Change only happens if you MAKE it happen.


Spina Bifida Association Website

What is Spina Bifida?

Why does this matter to me? I have a young cousin who was born with Spina Bifida. I’ve watched him battle through numerous challenges and prove things wrong at every turn. He doesn’t let Spina Bifida define him and I’m proud to support both the Spina Bifida Association and him in all they do.


National Autism Association Website

Global Autism Project Website

Autism Awareness Month

Why does this matter to me? I have another young cousin who was born with a very strong form of autism. I’ve watched as he’s grown and adapted as best as he can to do what he is able to do. Sometimes he loves to talk to you about a game and show you how to do something in it. While it may seem trivial to most people, sitting there with him listening, engaging and caring about what he’s showing me means the world to him. I hope in the future more advances are made to better understand Autism and things for it.


American Lung Association

Lung Cancer Awareness Month #LCAM

CDC Lung Cancer Awareness

Why do I care about this? Let me start out with I truly care about all forms of Cancer awareness. None of them are less important than the other. This one just has touched my life personally. I watched as my grandfather battled it for a few years and ultimately lost that battle. Now it wasn’t just happenstance that he had it, he grew up a smoker, he painted cars in an auto body shop with no masks and most definitely lacking ventilation. But with all that being said watching him fight every single day knowing the odds showed how strong the human spirit is. I truly hope that some day people much more intelligent than I find better treatments and hopefully ultimately a cure for it.


Alzheimer’s Association Website

The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration

World Alzheimer’s Month

This one I know much less about. It’s been slowly affecting my grandmother on my Mom’s side of the family. We learn more as time goes on but it takes a lot of patience. Patience has been the key to everything. Sometimes she knows who you are, sometimes she doesn’t. I always tell her it’s okay if you don’t remember my name, I don’t mind at all. You know I’m someone and I’m there. I talk to her and listen even if I’m hearing the same story 15 times over. She doesn’t know and really I’d rather her just be happy and not feel like shit for not remembering something. Maybe it’s not the way to go but I know there is no cure for it thus far and nothing else has seemed to help much. So I treat each day as it’s own.


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