You Better Hang On If You’re Taggin’ Along

“Get up and go out
Me and all my friends
We drink up, we fall down
And then we do it all again
Just sitting around, hanging out this afternoon”

Nickelback – This Afternoon

WHOA. Something not dark and angry for a change. What is going on with this bright thing. In all honesty it was just a picture we decided to take one night after I finished raiding and it was never intended to be here. But after putting the time to edit it I thought damn I can’t just waste it because I actually like it. So here it is, there are little to no credits because it was not planned and everyone knows I am not going back and trying to get credits from three other people. Too much work there. The one thing I will say is you can find Astralia Rainbow Waterpark at Summerfest 2022 along with a ton of other amazing summer items. I dropped a handy little link to it at the bottom of the post!

I’ve been shooting a literal shit load of photos lately and editing has been fun sometimes and less fun other times. The challenge of almost everything being different and finding what needs to be this and that has been good though. Every photo is a chance to improve and I dig this one a lot. Less rage, more fun, colors, happy people. Not sure how Mike held that Red Bull going all the way down though. It had to be glued to his hand or something. I may never know. There should be some fun posts coming up with the Canada Day on the July 1st, Independence Day on July 4th, and summer kicking into full steam. I’ll also be back in Las Vegas for a couple of days so we’ll have some more vibrant epic shots from there as well. Stay safe and cheers until next post. -L

“It’s not the human walk
It’s the human race
If you ain’t living on the edge
You’re takin’ too much space
So I doubt
I’ll figure out
Just what to do
‘Bout to kick it around
Hanging out this afternoon”

Nickelback – This Afternoon

No big credits for this one, sorry everyone. You can however find the Astralia Rainbow Waterpark at Summerfest 2022 by clicking below. It’s an epic build and is a blast to mess with.

(Added on 7/1/2022)

This photo really took on a life of it’s own. I truly never thought it would be a bigger deal, but it’s surprised even me. I’m quite grateful to all of you who have loved it and shared it and favorited it on Flickr. It means a lot and I hope I’ve returned the favor to you all as well. I will certainly keep up on that too.

A very special thank you to Second Life for using in on the official website, I am floored to see it there. You all did that. ❤

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