Long Live Our Symphony, In Infamy, Where Dissonance Remains

“Landmines composed in command lines
Amplify or die, it’s us or them
This enclave’s tearing through the airwaves
Screaming a war-torn requiem
Be not afraid”

Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World

If you’ve been reading here for a while, and by a while I mean since like four years ago, you might recognize parts of this photo. Break The Glass was one of my absolute favorite posts and photos that I’ve ever done. It was that moment of needing to try something fresh and different as well as the motivation to step outside of my usual methods. I loved the outcome of that work. In recent days I’ve been going through and doing some maintenance on the blog, fixing some posts from the old classic WordPress setup to the now used Blocks setup. It’s been nice to clean them up but lord does it take some time. The OCD kicks in if something isn’t centered or ends up screwed up. It’ll be a slow process but one I plan to finish.

In the course of doing that I arrived at Break The Glass again. At first I though I should just leave it be, but then the creative side kicked in, and I thought I wonder how I can do something with that. Thankfully I was mindful enough to save the original setup for it so I could take it out again. I did a fair amount of adjust and expanding it to be something different than the original was. The idea of the original Breaking The Glass was to do something different, step outside of your comfort zone, get out of your box, whatever you want to call it. It’s far darker than the first one and has a bit more going on. I didn’t want to duplicate the original, it was more of a how much chaos can there be and still have this work.

Since I went from breaking the glass in the original, the sequel needed some shattered glass, the more the better. I brought back the Fan Daggers from Bauhaus Movement and used them as the tools to shatter the “glass.” The glass is of course Studio Skye’s Ice Sheets that are just made a bit smaller and a little less icy. Then I had to give the feeling of movement to the both the fans and the glass. That took some more trial and error but I’m content with where it ended up. The outfit is very much the same to the original aside from a new hairstyle as well the makeup used. I wanted her a bit more possessed, maybe because of where the world is at right now, maybe because of where the country is at for women especially. I’m not sure what chaos is caused by, but I love the chaos.

Break The Glass

For me taking pictures of Lucky in regular every day stuff was simple. I knew how to edit him, what I had to do, what might need to be cleaned up, the process was clear and concise. When it came to editing the female counter part, it was less so because I was used to what I needed to do on me. Now obviously I had done photos and editing with Portia in the years before that so I could edit female avatars and had an idea of what I needed. The trick is, at least for me, when I’m editing someone else it’s easier, when I’m editing myself or the female counterpart, I am a hell of a lot more picky and question every single thing I do. Forcing myself to edit it differently than I normally would was done by making it more of an art project than a photo.

When I thought of how I wanted it, I had two things in mind, one was it had a to be unique, and two it had to be a mirror to a shot I had done of Lucky years prior. I loved the shot, simple as it may be, and was using it as a header photo for Lucky’s basics page. I needed one for Cori and this viewpoint was the perfect one. It had to be the opposite though, cause you know we have to be different.

The shot of Lucky that I wanted to mirror for Cori.

To mirror that shot, for me it had to be darker, the opposite direction, and totally different. That’s where the red and more spooky vibe for it came in. It took quite some time to setup as I literally sat and adjust every single flower to have it’s own spin and position. In hindsight I didn’t need to do that because who the hell was going to notice it. But whatever I did that. Then it was finding the angle, the pose, how I wanted to light it. In the end I think the build took like a week of off and on working with it. Not every single day and not constantly just when I felt like my mind was in the right place for it. I kept a work-in-progress of it before it evolved to it’s final form that ended up in the blog.

Break The Glass work-in-progress. The photo changed a bit from this one by the end.

The reason I chose to dive back into this is recently I’ve been doing more photos. Getting back into the swing of editing other people and after a long while of not doing that it took some time to be content with it. I was once again stepping outside of my usual zone and trying to make something look right, or how I viewed it as right. We all have those photos we take that no one else ever sees, trust me I have plenty, so getting comfortable again took time. I’ve talked with a few friends who take photos and we share similar feelings on it. Sometimes you think it’s great and it bombs, sometimes you think it’s awful and it blows up. You question how good the photo is or how good you are vs anyone else. Don’t do that. Shoot something if you feel like shooting it, you can always look at it, edit, and leave it there if it’s not what you want. Practice and repetition make you better, not comparing yourself straight out of the box to someone else who’s been doing it for X amount of years. Break that glass again. I’m certainly trying to.

“The dawning of a new age
These aren’t just notes on a page
These are the weapons of rebirth (Requiem)
The dawning of a new age
Where we will take back the stage
To score the ending of the Earth
We’re not afraid”

Motionless In White – Scoring The End Of The World


Head: LeLutka EvoX MILAN 3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Hair: Magika – Hair – Hazel ~ Sabina Gully
Head Skin: [Glam Affair] Korina [Lelutka EvoX] Valley~ Aida Ewing
Eyes: AG. Dreamy Eyes – Lelutka Evolution – Beast ~ Eye Daddy
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears (f) ~ Luciayes Magic
Body: [LEGACY] [BODY] (f) (1.4) ~ MeshBody Resident
Tattoo: -[TWC]- Bad Eye ~ Jareth Cygnet
Eye Makeup 1: Landgraff – Komah Face (Evo X) ~ EvanMartinez Resident
Eye Makeup 2: +KP+ Battle v2 // Tattoo // 75% // LeL Evo X ~ Slim Vortex
Bloody Mouth: // L // Thirsty For Blood ~ Exotic Bunny
Bloody Smile: Controversy – SMILE – EvoX – Fresh ~ Zealand Zenovka
Cuts/Mine: {-MK-} x -[TWC]– Always Mine ~ Jareth Cygnet

Bandages: CUREMORE / Patient Bandages RARE ~ GACHA ~ Moon Amore
Feet Bandages/Blood: Astralia – Bloody Bandages – Legacy ~ Astralia XOXO
Talons: [CX] Salient Talons – Silver ~ Cerberus Ichibara
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Earrings Gauged S01 (f) ~ Luciayes Magic
Rings: (Yummy) Abby Ring Collection [Legacy] ~ Polyester Partridge

Glass: Skye Ice Sheets ~ Alex Bader
Orbs: E.V.E {M/C} Big Bubble {Fire} ~ Noke Yuitza
Bubbles: E.V.E {M/C} Dancing Bubbles {Fire} ~ Noke Yuitza
Eye Flowers: E.V.E Dystopia Flower ~ Noke Yuitza
Fans: Bauhaus Movement – Flying Daggers ~Maneskin Amore

Pose: ::Casual:: – Meditating ~ Fabiozeindin Resident

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