VIII. A Twist Of Fate

Note: You can find the first part of the story here, the second part here, the third part here, the fourth part here, the fifth part here, the sixth part here, and the seventh part here.

Then again what if she’s a step ahead of me…”

“God damn it!” he shouted loudly as he picked up the crumpled note on the floor. Abel had to read it over more than once for it to really sink in. The odds were astronomical, how could she have been here first. Could the note be from before? Did they miss it during the initial canvas of the pyramid? He couldn’t say for sure though it didn’t seem like it had been there for long. With the sandstorm going on outside though who knows where it was and if it blew around. “We either made a mistake the first time, or she knows the moves I’m going to make.”

Things got tricky quickly, could Brennan be working with her? Possible, unlikely, but possible. Bren didn’t know about this trip though. “She either has access to our systems or Dom is the “acquired talent” she mentioned. I need to find out more about her, somehow,” he said as he slipped the note into an evidence bag he had pulled from his pack. “This could have fingerprints, DNA quite possible with the lipstick being there. Have to get it back to the lab and have them do their ‘sciencey’ things.”

Abel didn’t know what information could be found, truthfully even with all they were able to learn, this “target” couldn’t even be labeled an adversary. “All I know is she seems to be where we need to be before we get there. Could be she works for someone else and both matters are so close to the vest that we don’t know about the other. Hell Dom could have been part of another agency and was planted in with us, not maliciously, but to figure out what we knew. I can’t say for sure on any of it.”

He sat and thought to himself a lot on the flight back from Egypt. So many variables, too hard to narrow it down without more facts to back anything up. “Who is she? What is her purpose? Are we on the same side? Did she set up the ambush at the bunker? Or was it all happenstance? I need to find her or someone who knows her to figure some of this shit out.”

After the flight landed Abel headed back to the bunker to drop off his gear and the note. It was safe here and the right people for the job wouldn’t be around until the morning anyway. “It’s better to put it somewhere safe so that it’s not tampered with and then I can get to the investigative unit.” They would be able to draw more conclusions than Abel could just from looking at it, and he would have to wait to find out what they uncover.

In all of the time that has passed since the first time attempting to track her location, Abel never could figure out who she was, what she was. So much so that the jungle led to a random guy who had zero bearing on the mission. He could have shot him, probably should have anyway, but he didn’t. This wasn’t an assassination plot, it was in fact a game of cat and mouse. Only the cat could never seem to catch the mouse.

She always seemed to be a step or two ahead. I bet even you thought this was the type of operation that would lead to her being eliminated. It could come across that way sure, but that would sell her skills short, and he’s learned to never do that. If the letter left behind didn’t prove that she was resourceful and knew what she was doing, what does? Only time will tell…

“C.C. That’s the most information I’ve managed to obtain about her aside from gender and estimated locations.” Abel ran those initials through his mind over and over but nothing was clicking. He could run it through the system but two letters are going to end up with hundreds of thousands of results and that would just waste more time.

But then, he wondered, “What if she’s an anomaly?” Some would say mutant, some would say superhero or villain, but for the sake of distinguishing them from your everyday person “anomaly” just worked better. That’s something he had never considered before, but in the world today it couldn’t be ruled out. While there was no proof to substantiate it there was no way to rule it out.

“I could see how she is constantly ahead of me, knows what my moves will be, when they’ll be,” he muttered to himself. “And acquired talent, what does she mean by that, not technically, but specific to her motives?” He didn’t have an answer to that but it was an interesting thought, one that would require more time and knowledge. He could only hope that eventually this target would be found and things would start making sense again. Abel needed that, to know that Brennan wasn’t involved, to find out what happened to Dominic and where he went, and most importantly who is she?

To Be Continued…


Head: LeLutka EvoX MILAN 3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Hair: Magika – Hair – Amanda ~ Sabina Gully
Head Skin: [Glam Affair] Korina [Lelutka EvoX] Valley~ Aida Ewing
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears (f) ~ Luciayes Magic
Body: [LEGACY] [BODY] (f) (1.4) ~ MeshBody Resident

Jacket: Blueberry – Spotlight – Leather Jackets – Brown
Pants: Blueberry – Unbothered – Pants ~ BlackDark
Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Gypsy Boot ~ Redclaw Inshan
Gun: :BAMSE: Executioner – Job’s Done RARE ~ LiamZander Resident ~ GACHA
Sunglasses: [MAGNIFICENT] HYPE Sunglasses ~ LeBarbier Alpha
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ Earrings Gauged S01 (f) ~ Luciayes Magic
Rings: (Yummy) Eternal Life Ring Collection [Legacy] ~ Polyester Partridge


Backdrop: [ isuka ] basement backdrop ~ Prince Diker
Pose: Korper Poses – Looking Back 2 ~ Paula Mantis
Table: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen – Table ~ Raph Dirval
Chair: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen – Chair
Bat: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen – Baseball Bat
Bulletin Board: xin + toro // bulletin board (planning) ~ Jammeh Resident ~ GACHA
Locker Set: [WAZ] Tactical Locker Set (Locker) v2 ~ Waterfall Farshore
Gun: SAC MP5 Striker v2.12 Sling Spine ~ Eripom Moonwall
Tactical Set: :BAMSE: Tactical Gear Set ~ LiamZander Resident ~ GACHA


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