Winter Solace

I’m not a big fan of the cold so thankfully Second Life winter doesn’t actually make me cold. Of course it’s still like 20 degrees here in RL. It was nice to just set up a quiet scene in the middle of a wintry forest on our home sim.


It’s been a while. Cue Staind song, haha, just kidding really. Honestly though it has and for that I apologize. I’ve worked on a couple of pictures that haven’t seen the light of my Flickr feed, but outside of that it’s been quiet. My time’s been filled with various things and while it’s been fun I needed this again. Portia and I were talking the other night about it. We’ve been enjoying time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and having Netflix dates watching Supernatural. That’s been great, but she pointed out that we really bonded over pictures. She’s right.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures in Second Life. Even when my graphics were less than great and I was on a laptop. Looking back at those shots now I have to laugh at how good I thought they were. It wasn’t until Portia started blogging that I really bothered with SL photos so she had a hand in me getting interested in the idea. When we finally had the chance to try being “us” is when it really took off. Together we worked on learning more and growing our skills. A lot of photos and a lot of time but I think we grew we each one. Here we are now still loving photography. Still having it be a thing we share as we encourage each other to push their limits.

For now it’s back to taking pictures when I want to and of what or who I want to. Sometimes they’ll get blogged, sometimes they won’t. That may change as time goes on but I want to just enjoy it for now. I mean seriously I could sit and just take pictures of Portia and work on them over and over and probably be happy for weeks.


Head: CATWA HEAD Justin V4.11 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Clef de Peau.Harry Head T5.Omega Applier [CATWA] ~ Marcopol Oh
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.3 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: Clef de Peau.Body Athl.T5.OMEGA/SIGNATURE ~ Marcopol Oh
Left Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – L – Curl ~ Siddean Munro
Right Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – R – Relaxed ~ Siddean Munro
Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Alex ~ MarilynMonroe Munro
Brows: Clef de Peau:Eyebrows v.25:Brown:TMP/AK/CATWA ~ Marcopol Oh

Coat: [Deadwool] Admiral pea coat – navy ~ Masa Plympton ~ NEW @ Signature Event (Dec 1 – Dec 15)
Pants: [Deadwool] Corduroy pants – M – mustard ~ Masa Plympton
Boots: [Deadwool] Ulrich boots – (fitted) – Large – brown ~ Masa Plympton

Puppy: JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Held Pup (Black) ~ JianSL Resident ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Dec 1-Dec 31)
Dog: JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Adult Companion RARE ~ JianSL Resident ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Dec 1-Dec 31)

Trees: Botanical T2C Mesh Fir ~ Kriss Lehmann
Snowy Rocks: Skye Snow Formations ~ Alex Bader
Sim Surround: Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina pine snow ~ Yony Bing

Pose: RKPoses_Juno_1 ~ Keon Xenga

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