Honey I’m Hoooome!

After a long day I’m ready to unload the pick-up and show off my winnings. If you couldn’t tell from this truckload of items, The Arcade has returned. As always there are TONS of amazing things just waiting for us to try and win.

Honey I'm Home

I did my absolute best to stay behaved this time around and I’m proud to say so far I have. Now that doesn’t mean I will be able to keep that up for the next 28 days but dang it I’m going to try. When we last saw The Arcade in December, Portia and I had gone through a made a list of what we wanted to target. It worked out well and kept us both pretty smart about our expenditures. We were way too busy this time around to remember to do that so it was kind of hope and pray on who did what.

Before I headed over there I had to get into a fresh outfit for the day. I had been living in a suit for the past couple of days with various projects going on. I pulled up my jackets folder and decided to go with my Luke jacket from Wicca’s Wardrobe. It’s a very lovely piece that’s available in multiple colors. She does such amazing work and is a creator I can thank Portia for introducing me to a while ago. It’s always a treat to find quality items in the female dominated scene that is Second Life fashion. The rest of the outfit came together around the jacket easily and with that I was ready for the endless teleport spamming.

It was actually really easy to get in this time. Not only do we have The Arcade sim and the Gacha Galley, but we have a complete second sim. It is literally a duplicate of the normal sim with the same machines and setup. It made it really nice (and quite lag free for myself) this around. Once I was in I had to go through the shopping guide to decide what I was going to try for. Normally I would focus on things for the family as well, but since Portia had already made it in prior to me, I didn’t really have to. My first target was the BingeWatchers gacha from MadPea. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a movie nut so I had to take my chances with this one. I ended up pulling everything I wanted from it, with a few doubles in between. You can see the One More Light peeking out of the truck bed there. It’s very nicely made set and something any movie aficionado should have.

The I saw Nomad’s The Quaint, Queer, and Quirky machine. I didn’t know how I would use any of it but I just had to do it. I played it more times then I care to admit. Trying to get the Ventriloquist Dummy to use for something was what drove me. I ended up with it and along the way managed to get the Burlesque Vending Machine rare as well. Throw in the disguise kit and I walked away with my linden balance somewhat stable. Being that Portia and myself are both writers I decided to try my hand at Sorgo’s Novelist Set before I left. I was aiming for the laptop and stack of notebooks, sadly I did not get either one. (I’ll be hitting the yardsales for them.) I did get basically every other piece of it so that’s one thing. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed the The Stepside Pickup machine from Consignment. I wanted one, and didn’t really mind what color it was. I ended up with the black one and it’s exceptionally well made. You get a hud that will rez the truck that is scripted to drive. I loaded up the truck with my winnings and headed home to boast of my successes.


Skin: -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin – creamtone – nohair_clean_bald ~ ReishiProphet Resident
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Sky ~ Ikon Innovia
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2 ~ Siddean Munro
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – Relaxed ~ Siddean Munro
Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Brian ~ MarilynMonroe Munro
Beard: ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. FACIAL HAIR Beard (Black Hair) ~ Saalskin Resident

Jacket: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Luke Jacket [Red Carbon] ~ Wicca Merlin
Pants: [Deadwool] Worn out jeans – medium wash ~ Masa Plympton
Shoes: FATEstep – Ziggy Chucks ~ Damien Fate
Necklace: MINIMAL – Babel Necklace Silver -male- ~ Ors Quan ~ NEW @ Men Only Monthly (Until March 15!)
Ring (L): = REBELLION = “MAYHEM” RING – MENS (wear me) ~ Kavon Chrome
Ring (R1): ^^Swallow^^ Zodiac Ring Scorpio ~ Luciayes Magic
Ring (R2): [ kunst ] – Gap ring ~ Kunst Himmel
Kitten: O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Black Coat Kitty WEAR ~ DamascusVera Resident ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)

Pose: <K&S> Sitting Poses ~ 7 ~ Katyasessions Resident


Truck: [Con.] Stepside Pick-up – Black ~ Wavie Haller ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Cork Board: * SORGO – N* NoteBoard ~ Arscene Dubrovna ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Chair: * SORGO – N* Chair ~ Arscene Dubrovna ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Table: * SORGO – N* NoteBoard ~ Arscene Dubrovna ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Dragon: Birdy . Magical Menagerie – Dragon Stand – Nightmare ~ Tyr Rozenblum ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Disguise Kit: NOMAD // Disguise Kit ~ Piraiyah Novikov ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Vending Machine: NOMAD // Burlesque Vending Machine RARE ~ Piraiyah Novikov ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Dummy: NOMAD // Ventriloquist Dummy RARE ~ Piraiyah Novikov ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Award: [Commoner] Medal of Merit / Best Builder ~ Emery Milneaux ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Sign: MadPea BingeWatchers One More Light ~ Rheinard Kappler ~ NEW GACHA @ The Arcade (Mar 2016)
Shrubs: Botanical – *Seasonal Boxwoods ~ Kriss Lehmann
Tree: Botanical – Douglas Fir 5 ~ Kriss Lehmann
Tree: Botanical – T2C Aspen Tree 2 ~ Kriss Lehmann
Fencing: ROOST – Maison de Loire Fence ~ RoostHomes Resident
House: ROOST – Maison de Loire House ~ RoostHomes Resident
Driveway/Path: ROOST – Maison de Loire Driveway ~ RoostHomes Resident
Sim Surround: Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina pine snow (copy) ~ Yony Bing

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