It’s Combine Time

It’s the time of year when the NFL offseason really kicks in to high gear. The combine started this past week and for anyone who does know what that is, let me explain a bit. It’s where college players (you have to be invited) go to show the pro teams what they can do. They have everything from medical tests and workouts to interviews and press conferences. It’s a good way for teams to get a feel for how a prospect may fit with their team.

Long Jump

I’m a huge football fan so I’ve been following it closely in hopes of get a better idea of who my team might take. Or who I think they should take, which of course is all of the players they probably won’t because I’m way too smart to be a GM. In my first life I always loved to play American football (that’s right Euros I wasn’t going to insult your football). I just was never big enough to do it on any real competitive level. It kind of sucked but we’re not all built to be athletes.

In Second Life however I can be anything that I choose to be. I saw these shorts at The Mens Dept and it gave me the idea to do a “NFL combine” type of styling. It’s a pretty simple look with the [VALE KOER] Thermal Shorts paired up with N-Uno’s Rick Tank Top from this month’s Men Only Monthly. I searched through the marketplace and found some nice mesh cleats to complete the outfit.

I knew I wanted to use the Civic Hall from Dominion Design. I had seen it way back but never had any reason to use it, today changed that for sure. I threw in a nice grass field and made my own long jump thing to bring the idea more in to focus. I added the Morello weight bench set (which is on sale for L$100 at Exposeur). Which reminds me Ruby still has her sale going on, all poses/pose packs are L$50 and all of her props are L$100. I encourage you to stop over there and take a look. If you’re curious as to what the sale is for, please take a look at this post. Thanks!


Skin: -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin – creamtone – nohair_clean_bald ~ ReishiProphet Resident
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Sky ~ Ikon Innovia
Ears: [MANDALA] SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2 ~ Siddean Munro
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – Relaxed ~ Siddean Munro
Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Johnny ~ MarilynMonroe Munro
Beard: ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. FACIAL HAIR Beard (Black Hair) ~ Saalskin Resident

Tank: N-Uno – Rick Tank Top // Slink Fitted // Black ~ Numer0Un0 Resident ~ NEW @ Men Only Monthly (Feb 2016)
Shorts: [VALE KOER] THERMAL SHORTS SLINK ~ Bob Resident ~ NEW @ The Mens Dept (Feb 2016)
Shoes: Snow Boa – Triumph ~ Katherine Canieri

Pose: PS^AnA MovMatrix trinkick PR02 ~ Dita Actor


Building: Dominion Designs – Civic Hall ~ Phara Akula
Weight Bench: Pilot & Exposeur – Weight Bench ~ Kaz Nayar/Rubystarlight Writer
Weight Plates: Pilot & Exposeur – Floor Spare Weights ~ Kaz Nayar/Rubystarlight Writer
Gym Bag: Cypher Mesh & Co – duffle bag 3 prims ~ OmarCypher Resident
Water bottle: Pilot & Exposeur – Floor Waterbottle ~ Kaz Nayar/Rubystarlight Writer
Helmet with Ball: TA Football Helmet (REZZ) ~ Nico Griffith
Cone: Omega Designz – Traffic Cone (mesh) FP/OD ~ DragonsLord Resident
Dumbell: Pilot & Exposeur – Large Floor Dumbell ~ Kaz Nayar/Rubystarlight Writer
Handweights: Pilot & Exposeur – Floor Handweights ~ Kaz Nayar/Rubystarlight Writer
Football: Pablo Kolcci Store – Football ~ MeshtakesWereMade Resident

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