What’s My Definition Of Success? Listening To What Your Heart Says

“What’s my definition of success?
Creating something no one else can
Bein’ brave enough to dream big
Grindin’ when you’re told to just quit
Givin’ more when you got nothin’ left
It’s a person that’ll take a chance on
Somethin’ they were told could never happen”

NF – Hope

Nate’s baaaaaaack. The last time we saw him was when the CLOUDS Mixtape got released in 2021 and that was great. We’ve always seen him in black throughout the NF journey, but the tables have finally turned. HOPE is both the new single and the new album, you can pick it up on April 7th at all of your favorite outlets. If you know NF you know the black symbolizes the dark emotions and his life, the black balloons signifying his burdens, it all comes full circle now. There is HOPE.

I’m also back with some new goodies to show you! It’s not just Nate. My last post was a new hair from [MAGNIFICENT], the LOKI hair is still available at The Mens Dept through February 28th. This time though we’re at ManCave with the brand-spanking new JAKE hair. It comes in two styles, one with bangs and one without bangs. Both are fantastic adds to the collection and I’m still extremely happy to see more hair being created because I love options. I’ll keep encouraging Stefan to create more and I’m sure he will cause he’s a stand-up guy and really does care about making things people want, and making them right.

Not only do I have new hair and music, but new eyes and poses as well! I’ve long been an Avi-Glam customer and you can bet just about anytime they release something I’m probably fatpacking it because OPTIONS. The new Ambition eyes at ManCave come in 4 different packs of colors or you can just be like me and get them all in the fatpack. The fatpack is totally the best choice. Then we’ve got some shiny new poses from Secret Poses at ManCave too. The Leo pose set was perfect for what I wanted to do and it’s always nice to feature something new and from somewhere different to change it up. Credits for everything else can be found below and hopefully, I’ll find some more free time between WoW and Hogwarts Legacy to get more work done here.

“I done did things that I regret
I done said things I can’t take back
Was a lost soul at a crossroad who had no hope but I changed that
I spent years of my life holdin’ on to things I never should’ve kept, full of hatred
Years of my life carryin’ a lot of baggage that I should’ve walked away from
Years of my life wishin’ I was someone different, lookin’ for some validation
Years of my life tryna fill the void…”

NF – Hope


Head: LeLUTKA.Head.NOA.3.1 ~ Jaden Nova
Head Applier:
Hair: [MAGNIFICENT] JAKE Hair – LeBarbier Alpha ~ NEW @ ManCave (Feb 17-Mar 11)
EGX. BOM Ragnar Hairbase ~ Veviaz Resident
Eyes:Avi-Glam. Ambition Eyes – 203 ~ Eye Daddy ~ NEW @ ManCave (Feb 17-Mar 11)
^^Swallow^^ Gauged S Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Ear Tattoo: HANZ – Snake Ear Tattoo [Fresh] Gauged S Ears ~ Victor Voxel
[LEGACY] Athletic Edition (1.5.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
STRAY DOG – Legacy Skin – TONE 04 (BOM) ~ Gac Akina
DAPPA – Reckoning Tattoo. [FRESH] Lelutka EvoX. ~ Devil Fae

Pants: Mossu – Roy.Pants – White ~ AkiraKiyoi Resident
Socks: [ VERSOV ] COMFOV SOCKS 2.8 ~ Versov Resident
Earrings: = DAE = SXD1 ~ Naomi Darkheart
Hat: [ VERSOV ] OXFORDOV Classic Cap ~ Versov Resident

Pose: Secret Poses – Leo ~ SweetDaniellee Resident ~ NEW @ ManCave (Feb 17-Mar 11)
Raft: :Fanatik Architecture: WOOD WORKS Platform Dark Wood ~ Kendra Zurak
Rocks: :Fanatik Architecture: Lofoten Summer ~ Kendra Zurak

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