May God Have F*cking Mercy When These Five Poor Fools Press “Play”

‘”A cold wind blows as the angels cry
The living will descend and the dead will rise
From way below, way below, way below
So go, go, go, don’t wave goodbye
We’re saving you a seat where the dead don’t die
From way below, way below, way below”
The woods are alive!’

Ice Nine Kills – Ex-Mørtis

How many pumpkins are too many pumpkins? I don’t have the answer to that but I knew when I saw [Tanaka x Trevor]’s JACK-O-LANTERN set they all needed to be in the shot. Somehow, someway, whatever it may be. Kenzie suggested the headless horsemen for the base idea and I took that and ran with it from there. I didn’t know what I wanted to do to make it work at that moment, but I started forming a full picture in my head over the evening and had it I plotted it out and ended up here. Thankfully my skeleton partners managed to keep their heads on their shoulders, save for the lazy one in the bottom left who decided to sit down on the job. You can check the out the insanely awesome video done that shows you how truly epic these are below. They are all available at the October round of Tokyo Zero from October 10th through October 25th.

Then of course you can’t miss the [TNK] Mori Scythe. I chose green because green is my color, but it comes in as wide of a variety as the Jack-O-Lanterns do. It also has some incredible attacks and effects that only a video can truly showcase, once again Tanaka has us covered as you can see below. I wish I would have been able to make more of the attacks and effects show for the purpose of the photo. In the end though it wouldn’t have fit the shot I chose to use. Thankfully we can see it all in the video. All colors are available at the October round of Tokyo Zero from October 10th through October 25th. Credits for everything else can be found below, stay tuned for more spooky season posts to come.

“So cross the Book of the Dead off your reading list
(Necronomicon Ex-Mortis!)
Join the Army of Darkness, don’t resist
(Necronomicon Ex-Mortis!)
Now you’ll choke on your words
Swallow this…”

Ice Nine Kills – Ex-Mørtis


Head: [TxT] JACK – O LANTERN – HEAD – (GREEN) ~ Tanaka Cloud ~ NEW @ Tokyo Zero (Oct 10-Oct 25)
Top: toksik – Bloodlust Top ~ Crxsxs Resident
Pants: toksik – Bloodlust Pants ~ Crxsxs Resident
Boots: toksik – Bloodlust Boots ~ Crxsxs Resident
Gloves: [ContraptioN] Dapper Dandy’s Gloves ??? A Legacy M ~ Walton Wainwright
Scythe: [TNK] MORI SCYTHE – GREEN ~ Tanaka Cloud ~ NEW @ Tokyo Zero (Oct 10-Oct 25)
Horse: Mr Nec & Jinx : Army of the Dead Horse ~ Julala Demina

Tunnel: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel ~ Alex Bader
Trees: Skye Enchanted Woods V3 ~ Alex Bader
Skeletons: {UG} – Skeleton Horde Set ~ Shake Krovac
Pumpkins: [TxT] JACK – O LANTERN ~ Tanaka Cloud ~ NEW @ Tokyo Zero (Oct 10-Oct 25)
Pose: Equine Animotions Pack – 17 Static Poses for WHBR – Rearing ~ LadyJess Przhevalsky

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