History Repeats…

“Ginger Kids. Like any kid but cuter and sassy.”


This post is less about fashion and more just about feeling. I hope that’s alright with you all. Our SL family just recently did a new round of family pictures that are all obviously themed around the Autumn season. I had the pleasure of working on two of them, the rest were taken and edited by my better half Aria Christen. I’m proud to have worked on the two that I did though and that’s why we’re here.

Exactly 4 years ago today, I took a family picture with my then SL wife, son, and daughter. Now as things happen in SL 4 years later we’re not all together still. That’s okay though, life happens, we grow, we move on. But the kiddo picture above has been with me longer than any single person in the duration of my time in Second Life. Saucy Wizenheim came in to my SLife on May 9, 2011 and we’re still a family today. We’ve both been in and out of SL over the course of time but never once has it changed our friendship or “family” bond. If I had a rock when it came to SL, it is without a doubt my Sauce.

More recently I’ve earned my role as Dad instead of “NotDad” to Aria’s daughter Willow. She is a little spitfire to be sure but the bond we seem to share reminds me quite a bit of the one I have with my first little ginger child. I was lucky enough to work on the picture of she and I and it was a really nice way for us to spend a bit of quality time on our own in our new-ish roles. For the record we’ve known one another for a while so it wasn’t starting from scratch, but the father/daughter dynamic is going great. I’m happy to have more ginger minis running around keeping me on my toes.


There are no credits to be found for these as I really didn’t think to take them down when we were doing these. But I liked them both enough to share them with the world. Love ya kids.

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