So Sweet, The Nectar Of Your Heart

Your seduced
You’re right where you belong
You’re so confused
Watch my colors turn tonight
Alter Bridge – Indoctrination

I'm In Your Head, You Can't Deny It

Trick or treat. Halloween is nearing and the ghouls are out to play. I’ve had the idea to work on something less lovey dovey (though I do love doing those as well) lately but hadn’t found the right idea until now. The album cover for Alter Bridge’s latest release “Walk The Sky” was really neat aesthetically to me. I wanted to kind of go off of it a bit but still keep it calling to it’s origin. I can only hope that I somewhat accomplished it. I flipped the script a bit and subbed in some bats to replace the birds. I felt like it was appropriate for this time of year. I also pulled in my alternate half to be the puppet for this puppeteer. Good job standing there fembot!

I’ve been a fan of them since their beginning 15 years ago and while my love for them waned on a couple of albums they came back quite strong with their new one. It kind of falls in line as a more direct successor to Blackbird, at least in my opinion. I’ve always felt like that is their most solid album start to finish. AB III was also very good but then it kind of went more of the 80s Metallica vibe in terms of song length and style, aside from the vocals of course. You won’t find any screaming with Alter Bridge and one would never confuse Myles Kennedy for James Hetfield. Then again James can’t do what Myles can either.

I played around with the idea for a few days now. Sitting around I shot the image for it in my head at least a hundred times, each one varying to some degree. I chose to go more into the Halloween sky because it’s just that time of year. Now I must admit the sky I went with is most certainly one of the new windlights from Jay’s – BATTLESCARS WL – CLOUDS – HORROR 1.0 (PREMIUM) that are available on his marketplace store. I own everything he’s done and I can tell you they are second to none.

Originally it was just going to be me with the bats and whatever else but then I saw the puppeteer hand from :Moon Amore: at The Epiphany and thought about combining it with the INSANE set that CURELESS[+] has there as well. It ended up with a crazy skeleton queen kind of puppet happening and I really really like where it ended up. Incredible work and that’s not even mentioning the rest of the :Moon Amore: Puppet Show gacha, which is equally amazing.

I added in the skeletons at the last minute to help fill out the space I wanted to use, we can call them lost puppets of the puppet master or something. They ended up being a killer find (no pun intended) when searching the marketplace. Amazing full perm mesh from Shake Krovac’s UNDERGROUND. For the price it was a no brainer. Overall I really feel like this shot achieved the vision I had for it in my head and that doesn’t happen often.

Also, just quickly before I bail out, I was working on this picture while doing Beetlejuice mini-golf at Larnia’s Tricks & Treat Fest 2019 with Aria and our grandbebe Isley. As I was chugging along I said oh man this picture looks really cool in black and white too hmm. She said DOOOO IT so you get a two for one again. Here’s the black and white version, similar but not. I like them both but I wanted the color one to help convey the Halloween vibes I was aiming for.

Make sure to get over to Salem and The Arcade before they end on October 31, there’s tons of amazing things at both of them. I’ll be real and say I’m not sure when The Epiphany ends but it’s taken more of my money that I’ll ever admit to so yea you know the drill. I do love that they do the prize system so duplicates are never a waste! Just remember to turn them in and use your points before the end.

I'm In Your Head, You Can't Deny It_bw

Like a moth to a flame
You will give as I take your mind
So don’t be afraid
I will leave you satisfied
Alter Bridge – Indoctrination

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky



Pose: Poseidon Poses – Nightmare Jack 6 ~ Gryphon Vendetta

Mask: [ContraptioN] The Faceless Mask *???* M ~ Faust Steamer ~ NEW @ Salem (Sept 28-Oct 31)
Gloves: ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Circus Gloves / SG / RARE ~ Kaorinette Resident ~ GACHA
Outfit: ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Ringmaster Outfit / SG / RARE ~ Kaorinette Resident ~ GACHA
Shoes: [Deadwool] Oxford shoes ~ Masa Plympton


Pose: Poseidon Poses – Puppet 11rev ~ Gryphon Vendetta

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v4.0 ~ Catwa Clip
Hair: Magika – Hair – Prudence ~ Sabina Gully ~ NEW @ Magika
Makeup: Glam Affair – Mineko – Catwa Applier 003 – 10 ~ Aida Ewing ~ NEW @ The Arcade (Oct 1-Oct 31)
Makeup: THIS IS WRONG Catwa – Eater MakeUp BLACK ~ Eva Artemesia
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 ~ Onyx LeShelle
Tattoo/Shine: THIS IS WRONG Mind Flyer Shine+tattoo – Maitreya ~ Eva Artemesia ~ NEW @ Men Only Monthly (Oct 20-Nov 17)

Headpiece: CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / Dea Halo / GOLD ~ Kaorinette Resident ~ NEW GACHA @ The Epiphany (Oct 15-Nov 15?)
Bodysuit: CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Visceral Temple ~ Kaorinette Resident ~ NEW GACHA @ The Epiphany (Oct 15-Nov 15?)
Right Arm: CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Pneuma Arms / GOLD / R ~ Kaorinette Resident ~ NEW GACHA @ The Epiphany (Oct 15-Nov 15?)
Skirt: CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Mors Vincit ADDON Skirt ~ Kaorinette Resident ~ Players Reward ~ NEW @ The Epiphany (Oct 15-Nov 15?)
Skirt Skeletons: CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Mors Vincit Skeletons ~Kaorinette Resident ~ Players Reward ~ NEW @ The Epiphany (Oct 15-Nov 15?)


Puppeteer Hand: :Moon Amore: Puppet Show / Puppeteer Hand – Gold ~ PsyQueen Resident ~ (Exclusive) NEW @ The Epiphany (Oct 15-Nov 15?)
Bats: .Florix. Bat Tempest ~ Dyana Rain
Bats 2: +Half-Deer+ Paper Bats ~ Halogen Magic ~ NEW @ Collabor88 (Oct 8-Nov 6)
Skeletons: {UG} – Skeleton Horde Set ~ Shake Krovac

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