Gone Too Soon My Friend

A heart with love left to give
A soul with life left to live
So full of color not one defined you

Scott Stapp – Gone Too Soon

No Escape From Reality

A lot of people will have either seen Bohemian Rhapsody by now or will know of the events depicted in it because they lived it or read about it. I just recently got around to watching it the other day and I have to say it was extremely good. I’ve been a fan of Queen for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to them along with Van Halen, Def Leppard, AC/DC, and all the rest. Of course being born in the mid 80s I hardly knew anything beyond liking the music. As I grew older I wanted to know more about bands I liked and I’d say I’ve spent a fair amount of time doing so. It just so happens that I never did get around to Queen until the movie and now.

It also just so happens that the opening song to this post came out right around the time I sat down and watched the movie. The video that goes along with it is more framed around recent losses in the music community, those being Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and Prince. But when I heard it there were parallels between what the lyrics were and the outcome for Freddie Mercury. So for the first time in all of the times I’ve done this, you get two songs. An opener and a closer, just like an album or a show would have. Now onto the Second Life.

The scene from Live-Aid is about as iconic as it can get when it came to the movie for me. Luckily there are events going on and creators making all kinds of things that would allow me to try my hand at loosely recreating it on some level. Now I know it’s not perfect and not every detail is exact but I couldn’t pass the idea up. For the record I almost -never- change my base look for a blog, but this one was an exception. With a bit of searching I ended up at Cold-Ash and found a fairly accurate tank top that I could use. Then finding jeans that were close in color and fit took some time. I ended up at Kalback and found a pair to pull the second part together. Add in the armband (can’t leave that out can we) and the base outfit was set. Now I’ve been a ginger in SL for the past few months so I had to turn back the clock a bit to go darker again for one night only. It works for this but only this haha.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I had been waiting impatiently for Clef de Peau to release their Legacy appliers and with this round Kustom9 they have arrived. I’ve watched as they came along and have to give Marcopol Oh a shout out for the way they turned out. Originally we were given the question of choosing between A or B for body hair. Some chose A, some chose B, but a fair amount of us said why not both, options are great. Not only did we get A and B, but we got a total of 6 options for each skin tone with 4 choices in each option. Base, Tanlines, Freckles, and Tanlines/Freckles. Well done, very well done, and thank you for listening to our feedback.

It took some work to get the shot close to how I pictured it in my head. I got the look basically put together in one night but didn’t get around to setting up the scene and shooting until yesterday. That was more just choice and timing of other things then not wanting to shoot it. I needed to have the right amount of time to get where I wanted. I was pretty satisfied in the end and even ran it past Aria before I even bothered working on it because I knew she would tell me if it sucked and to start over. Thankfully got the thumbs up and here we are. Check the movie out if you haven’t seen it and of course the music because well that’s the best stuff. ❤

Too late, my time has come,
Sends shivers down my spine,
Body’s aching all the time.
Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go,
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Scott Stapp - The Space Between The Shadows

Queen - A Night At The Opera


Pose: *PosESioN* Ambiorix 10 ~ Dahriel Resident (Modded with Animare)

Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v3.2 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Clef de Peau.Janis T3 [CATWA] ~ Marcopol Oh
Hair: [Deadwool] Slicked back hair – bento rigged – blacks ~ Masa Plympton
Brows: IDTTY Faces – CATWA Appliers [Dominant Eyebrows] ~ Melissa Hindrabar
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ HD Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Eyes: Avi-Glam. Soulstrike Eyes – Cocoa ~ Kendra Parfort ~ NEW @ Feverfete (Jul 17-Aug 3)
Beard: [MF] Daniel Bento GOT Tail Beard – Night ~ Stefandetoifrench75 Janus
Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (m) (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
Body Applier: Clef de Peau.Body Tight T3 [Legacy] ~ Marcopol Oh ~ NEW @ Kustom9 (Jul 15-Aug 10)
Materials Applier: THIS IS WRONG Wet Materials Shine – Legacy ~ Eva Artemesia ~ NEW @ Vanity (Jul 5-Jul 25)

Tank: Cold-Ash TYLER Tank Top (White) – ColdAsh Resident
Pants: <Kalback> Basic Jeans Clear (Gianni) ~ Patrix Beck
Shoes: Native Urban – Voorn Sneakers SIG GI ~ NativeUrban Resident
Armband: [Kry] 04 Bracelet Piramid Studs ~ Karyna Avon


Stage: Rowne.Singer – Main Stage Performance RARE ~ Fashionboi Landar ~ GACHA
Speakers: .:Space Engineer:. Stage Speaker ~ Wolferein Foxdale
Piano: ACORN 14. Indulge Me Grand Piano RARE ~ Lulu Rage
Piano Bench: ACORN 13. Indulge Me Piano Stool ~ Lulu Rage
Microphone: GCD – Microphone with Straight Stand(mesh v2.1) ~ Supershine Zapedzki
Musical Things: not so bad . JONES . GACHA set ~ Reda Bertolucci

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