Be Yourself Cause Everyone Else Is Taken, Yeah They’re Already Taken

“If you don’t move forward
You’re moving back
And if you think too much
Then you can’t react to the moments
For what you were chosen
You can try to hide behind the times are tough
Cause you know you can’t fall down
If you don’t get up
But that’s crazy
And you’re just wasting time

Shim – Fearless


Let’s start off with the song this time around. Shim, formerly the lead singer/guitarist for Sick Puppies played before Skillet last Saturday. That’s the show I went to see and I was pleasantly surprised with his performance. I had never seen Sick Puppies live so it was kind of cool to at least see him. I had only heard the first single from the album so most of what was played was brand new to me and it made me want to come home and check more of it out. All in all I was very surprised with how good it was. There, now story time is out of the way.

This will probably be another shortish post because it was never intended to be a post in the first place. The other day Aria was talking about how she took a profile picture but wasn’t in love with it. Now I, and I’m sure you, know that it probably wasn’t even close to bad. But it’s her work and if she doesn’t like it then the rest is irrelevant. So as the evening went on I asked if I could take a shot. Sometimes it’s nice to work on someone else rather than another shot of yourself. Kind of breaks the monotony up a bit. I took a bit to sort out the basic idea but then got it shot and finally worked on it late the next day.

I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out. The version above is the wide shot I chose to use here. She has a more cropped version for her own use because profile picture and all that jazz. I probably need to get my ass around to doing a new one for myself and the fembot when I find some more free time to do it. All in good time I suppose. Enjoy your Sunday, and maybe I’ll have some more stuff soon, if I get the skin I need. Looking at you Clef. Taps foot. I know you’re working on them, I’m just impatient. Soon TM.

Also, this is the first post that doesn’t feature me or the fembot at all. Cheers to that. ❤

“And you can call the pain a compromise
And envy other people’s lives forever
(But you’re already somebody)
But if there’s a heart that beats beneath your chest
There’s no excuse for wasting it
(No excuse for wasting it)
Cause you’re already somebody
And doing it’s the easy part
But the choice you make is
What makes you who you are

Shim – Fearless

Shim - Shim


No credits for this one, I know lately that’s been more often than not and I’ll fix that. This one wasn’t shot to be a blog per se, so I did not plan to get credits. I just liked it too much not to show it.

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