So I Have This Dream, It Comes Like Twice In A Week

It’s postcard, I’m settled, a pirate no more
A gypsy at most with no mortgage
It’s boring but in the most exquisite of ways
No carcinogenic and humdrum malaise
And it’s strange, all the things that I’ve run from
Are the things that completeness could come from

Gang Of Youths – Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane


I was working on this shot earlier today just to use for a profile picture because I haven’t taken the time to shoot a new one in I don’t know how long. I know I asked Aria about doing one for me as well so I’m sure that’ll come along soon too. This gave me something to play around with on a more quiet evening than usual. I ended up shooting like a million different windlights (slight exaggeration there) to find the one that I liked most. This one won out because of simplicity and that was kind of what I was going for in the end I think.

I almost always choose a song/lyrics to go with each post but since this wasn’t planned for a post I didn’t really have a plan for it. At first I thought that was going to be a bad thing because damn what do I use when there is no plan at all? In the end I leaned towards a band that I’ve wanted to use many times but fitting them to something just had not lined up for me. Now the song doesn’t necessarily fit the photo but that’s okay this time. Gang of Youths are a band I stumbled upon sometime last year and they just filled a void in terms of the kinds of things I listen to normally. It was really different and oddly relaxing in the end. I definitely recommend checking them out if you don’t know them.

In terms of Second Life this week is a crazy week for the extended SL family and all. We’ve got plans for some days and none for others and that’s all good. In the end it’s about being there for each other through whatever each of us might be doing and I think we’re doing a pretty damn good job of that thus far. It’s an aspect of Second Life that I really never thought I would have a want for again but they have shown me that I was wrong about that. You could say that small circle I used to speak of is not so small anymore. I used to think that’d be a bad thing, but it’s not. Trust and love.

Do not let this thing you got go to waste
Do not let your heart be dismayed
It’s here by some random disclosure of grace
From some vascular, great thing
Let your life grow strong and sweet to the taste
‘Cause the odds are completely insane
Do not let your spirit wane

Gang Of Youths – Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane

Gang Of Youths - Go Farther In Lightness


Ah I’ll get them up tomorrow. Most of them are my basics anyway so <3.

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