A Sense Of Finality?

Over the last month or so SL has taken a bit of a backseat. That’s partly due to my graphics card being a tool. I replaced the fans on it thinking that might fix the issue. They took over two weeks to get here thanks to shipping from China. While they are indeed quieter than the original ones, they are not the solution. Thankfully whatever it is has not completely shut me down. What it has done is basically removed the option of doing photos at the quality I want them to be at and I refuse to not be able to meet my own standards.


As I’ve been on my somewhat forced hiatus I honestly feel like I’ve come to a realization. I just don’t miss Second Life like I wish I did. I have gone back and forth with the idea this entire time and for every reason I think of to stay, I find at least two more to move on. I made the hard decision yesterday to let my land go and with that I do feel it’s time to leave SL behind me.

When I left SL the first time I didn’t really walk away from it on my own terms. I chose to leave it but there wasn’t a feeling of peace when I did. This time it’s different. I came back, dusted myself off, and did a bit of what I enjoyed doing during that time. Maybe it just wasn’t as important as I though it would be. I think I’ll always kind of miss the creative aspect of it but there are other ways to scratch that itch when it comes along.

To anyone that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my time on the grid, thank you. Over the years that I’ve been apart of this place I have come to know more people than I would have ever guessed when it started. To all of the brands I’ve worked with, thank you for believing that I would do my best to showcase your hard work. I always attempted to do justice to all of you, no matter how big or small you were. I’ll still be keeping an eye from afar on what you guys/girls come up with next.

I may still pop in every now and then to do something but I won’t promise anything. Never say never though. It is safe to say that if I do, you’ll find it here or over at These Conversations Kill. I leave you with a shot I took back in July of 2016. It’s one of a few that never saw the light of day, until now. For the time being, I’ll say goodbye. -L

Facebook: Lucky Spiritor
Flickr: Lucky Spiritor
Discord: Lel#2468
Battle.Net: Lelantis#2468
Email: luckyspiritor@gmail.com

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