For The Alliance

The Warcraft movie is almost here, and I as a WoW player am beyond excited. So much so that I managed to find a lovely “Jaina Proudmoore” to accompany me on this post.

For The Alliance

First off, FOR THE ALLIANCE. Alright now that I have that out of my system let’s get to the real deal. We ❤ RP is getting ready to start it’s June round and the previews I’ve seen are absolutely stellar. It’s an event that has grown near and dear to my heart thanks to the lovely Portia. I had never attended nor paid attention to it, for that I’m sorry We <3, but now I get very excited each time a new one comes around. I’ve ventured in the world of RP recently so seeing all of the unique items and figuring out what and if I can use something in my roleplay scenarios is so much fun.

I focused my styling on an Alliance king type, granted I’m missing the super fancy armor and darn it a crown too. I turned to my EPOS Edmure tunic as I do so very often (It’s amazingly well made) and then layered some gold Osiris armor from The Forge to bring the colors of the Alliance fully together. I searched and searched for some kind of Lion pauldrons but there are either none out there or I am blind. Both are very possible. Thankfully I took my ring from ^^Swallow^^ and made it much bigger and fit one to both of my shoulders. It’s not 100% perfect but I feel like a true representative of my respective faction.

But of course the focus is not on me. It is on my lovely Lady Proudmoore. She actually had her styling finished before I had mine. Yep remember that ladies I have been bested this time. For once the lady was dressed before I was. She decided on a brand spanking new dress from The White Armory that you will be able to pick up at We ❤ RP on June 4th (1pm SLT). I personally love it. The gold leaf trim really stands out on not only the purple but all of the colors that are going to be available. It’s a truly beautiful piece.


But what Alliance lady is complete without her jewels and of course a crown. One word .Aisling. The uber talented creators behind .Aisling. are at it yet again. The Nealane crown and Everild necklace & earrings will be available super soon at We ❤ RP and they do NOT disappoint at all. The included texture HUD gives you numerous metal styles as well as gems allowing for so much customization. The work on the detail, the mesh, the texturing is literally second to none. I would LOVE to see more from them, maybe even some things geared towards the male side of RP? Hint hint =) Needless to say I think every lady in RP and out will want this.

Make sure to head over to We ❤ RP on June 4th at 1pm SLT to check out these and more amazing options. Our lovely friend The Blogging Elf has a post for the June round that is being updated as the creators get their images together. I encourage you to bookmark it, or follow the blog to keep up on what’s coming.



Head: CATWA HEAD Justin V4.10 ~ Catwa Clip ~ NEW RELEASE
Head Applier: Bold & Beauty x L’Etre :: Arthur (Catwa App) – Cotton. ~ JourdainMcMillan Resident ~ NEW RELEASE
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.3 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: L’Etre Homme – Slink Body Appliers [Cotton Tone] ~ Dam1710 Resident
Left Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – L – Relaxed
Right Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – R – Closed
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Sky ~ Ikon Innovia
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Ryo Hair-Brown Set ~ Ikira Frimon
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikunosuke Eel

Top: EPOS Edmure Tunic ~ EposHair Resident
Pants: EPOS Norjen Pants – Black ~ EposHair Resident
Boots: (Stitched) Bronn (Boots Right) – Black ~ Adele Bumblefoot
Pauldrons: [The Forge] Osiris Armour, Pauldron, Gold ~ Deccan Arida
Upper Guards: [The Forge] Osiris Armour, Upper Guard, Gold ~ Deccan Arida
Bracers: [The Forge] Osiris Armour, Bracer, Gold ~ Deccan Arida
Sword: [EZ] Wrath’s Conviction (Gold) ~ Deccan Arida
Lions On Pauldrons: ^^Swallow^^ Savannah Ring ~ Luciayes Magic

Necklace 1: [MANDALA] LUSTFUL-Jewelry-set (Male)SHORT_Necklace ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Necklace 2: (Lion Between Pauldrons): ^^Swallow^^ Savannah Necklace (Male) ~ Luciayes Magic
Ring: [MANDALA] LUSTFUL-Jewelry-set Male(L)_Ring  ~ Kikunosuke Eel


Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie ~ Catwa Clip
Skin Applier: Lara Hurley-Christy Rose Pale *Catwa Appliers* ~ Lara Hurley
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Fjord ~ Ikon Innovia
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara ~ Onyx LeShelle
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 (Not Pictured), Bag ~ Siddean Munro
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair ~ MissAllSunday Lemon
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 “Zara” eyeshadow – Peach ~ Alaska Metropolitan

Dress: The White Armory – Ivy Rose Gown Set-Dress Maitreya/Belleza Fitted ~ Bee Dumpling ~ NEW @ We ❤ RP (Opens June 4th!)
Sleeves: Luas Margaery Sleeves S RARE  AinaraLuas ~ Gacha Item
Fur: =Zenith=vintage fur muffler ~ Miffyhoi Rosca
Crown: .aisling. Nealane Crown ~ Druunah Esharham ~ NEW @ We ❤ RP (Opens June 4th!)
Necklace/Earrings: .aisling. Everild Earrings & Necklace ~ Druunah Esharham ~ NEW @ We ❤ RP (Opens June 4th!)
Staff: The Muses . Empress . staff ~ StellaDauphine ~ Gacha Item


Portia Headshot Pose: *PosESioN* Teressa 10 ~ Dahriel Resident
Horse w/ Pose: ++Vetrovian Poses – Medieval Knight Bringing++ ~ Aseraser Core


Building: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Blacksmith Shop RARE ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Bucket: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bucket Of Horseshoes COMMON ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Coal Bag: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bag of coal COMMON ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Anvil: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Long Anvil COMMON ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Bellows: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bellows COMMON ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Barrel: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Barrel With Water COMMON ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Cart: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cart COMMON ~ Paco Pooley ~ Gacha Item
Path: Stormwood ~ Cobblestone Floor C ~ Zelest Fall
Palisade: :Fanatik Architecture: WOOD WORKS Palisade B Dark Wood V2 ~ Kendra Zaurak
Tree: Botanical – Seasonal Douglas Fir ~ Kriss Lehmann
Sim Surround: Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina ~ Yony Bing


  1. FOR THE ALLIANCE! 😀 Hell yes, you two! I want to give this post a billion more likes. You both look gorgeous and amazing, and I get all giddy when I find out some of my favorite people are also WoW players. I haven’t played for a few months (got burnt out after too much focus on trying to hit gold cap), but then I read posts like this and I’m dying to log in again. Big squeezes for you both, and may your DPS be mighty! ♥


    1. Haha! I would have NEVER guessed you were a WoW player either. Things have mellowed out a bit for me on it since our raid team is taking a break until Legion but I still poke around on it here and there. Thank you thank you for EVERY single comment and favorite and everything you do. You have to be the nicest person I know. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The nicest, Lucky?! Uh oh, I’m totally telling Portia on you! 😀 Isn’t that funny how you never know who’s into WoW? I have never raided though, and I only ever soloed dungeons for fun and profit. Too much of a … well … p*ssy for PUGs. 😉 The first time someone nearly ragequit about my apparently lackluster DPS, I nearly had a panic attack, haha!

        Thank you both so much for all you do, I enjoy your blog so much and I think you’ve got to be two of the loveliest people on the grid. XOXO and wonderful weekend wishes to you! ♥


  2. Ha. Portia and I have talked about it many times, and we both agree on it. I played for a couple of years before I did any type of raiding, and was LFR. Then I moved to a guild with some friends and got pulled in, baptism by fire. It’s enjoyable and frustrating at the same time. PUGs are vile, more likely to run into jerks then good people, at least in my experience. If I do em, I’m in, quiet and take care of my business lol.

    I know I speak for both of us when I say we truly enjoy your blog as well, you do wonderful posts and the photos speak for themselves. We’ll all have to get together sometime and do a group post or something. It’d be fun! Hope your weekend is fantastic as well! ❤


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