Monotone Inspiration

I always get so excited when the new round of Swank is getting closer. It means there is most likely something brand spanking new coming from Bakaboo.

Bakaboo Mono

This time around both the fellas and the ladies get some new monotone offerings. As usual the master of pattern mixing (Yea that’s my title for him, haha) is back at it. I’ve been a bit out of sorts the last few days and this was a needed inspiration booster. For the guys we have the Baka Zipper Shirt in three different styles. Each having it’s own unique look to it. The ladies have the Baka Zipper Dress in three styles as well. They are gorgeous and I certainly hope to not only see Portia rock one, but all of the other wonderful ladies out there! I’ll share images of all of them below for your pre-shopping curiosity.
I wanted to make sure I kept close to the monotone feeling so my white VRSION KONVERT Pants worked perfectly with the top. I was able to make the laces on them black and I think it looks good. I started with shoes but as the idea evolved in my head shoes were just getting lost in the fog. So barefoot was the call to make. We also have a whole bunch of E.V.E. in the scene. When I’m going for that fantasy type it is most often my go to place. Noke Yuitza, the mind behind E.V.E is amazingly talented and such a sweetheart. Combining the Cubic Dreams with some Dystopia flowers and the Ivy Trees brought together an interesting vibe. What can I say I have a weird artsy side sometimes.

Now I know there are hues of purple and teal in the shot and that is not the items themselves. I chose to light it that way to give some color for the monochrome to stand out against. I’ve loved learning the tricks to lighting and windlight modifying. If you’re curious about how to do that and what all it entails, please take a look at Daeberethwen Arbenlow’s Youtube channel. She’s incredibly good at what she does and her videos have taught me more than I ever thought I could learn. That being said, make sure to hit Swank tomorrow and show my boy Ocean some love as well as all of the other talented creators. Credits are below!


Head: CATWA HEAD Justin V4.10 ~ Catwa Clip ~ NEW RELEASE
Head Applier: Bold & Beauty x L’Etre :: Arthur (Catwa App) – Cotton. ~ JourdainMcMillan Resident ~ NEW RELEASE
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.3 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: L’Etre Homme – Slink Body Appliers [Cotton Tone] ~ Dam1710 Resident
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – Relaxed ~ Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Male Feet PHYSIQUE Flat Left V2.2 ~ Siddean Munro
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Sky ~ Ikon Innovia
Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Sam ~ MarilynMonroe Munro
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Eye Makeup: Zibska – Kane ~ Zib Scaggs
Nail Polish: ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails – Fashionable Black ~ Snow Frostwych

Top: Bakaboo – Baka Zipper Shirt – Mono B ~ Ocean Blackthorne ~ NEW @ SWANK (Opens June 7th!)
Pants: VRSION KONVERT 11 Male Pants [FITTED MESH] WHITE ~ Badon RainNecklace:  [MANDALA] YOLO-Jewelry-set (Male)D_Necklace ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Bracelet (L): NOMAD // Zipper Bracelet B // Gold ~ Piraiyah Novikov
Bracelet (R): [MANDALA] C(R)_Bracelet SANKARA Black ~ Kikunosuke Eel

Pose: an lar [poses] The Mical Series – One (m) ~ Katya Valeska


Cubes: E.V.E Cubic Dreams {White/Black} ~ Noke Yuitza
Flowers: E.V.E Dystopia 3 Flowers L Black ~ Noke Yuitza
White Tree: E.V.E {M/T} Ivy Tree [M02-No leaves]  Frozen ~ Noke Yuitza ~ Gacha Item
Black Tree: E.V.E {M/T} Ivy Tree [M02-No leaves]  Black Chrome ~ Noke Yuitza ~ Gacha Item
Mist: Boudoir – Animated Mist slow ~ Precious Restless
Skydome: Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 ~ Turnip Sorbet

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