Bring On 2016.


There’s always change in every year for everyone. Whether it be big or small it is inevitable. This year proved to be a year of big changes for me personally both in and out of Second Life. I’ve never been a huge fan of change as I tend to be the type of person who gets set in their ways and just kind of goes with the flow. It’s served me well for a while but this year kind of opened my eyes to the benefit of not doing that.

I freed myself of some relationships that were doing nothing but holding me down. I grew complacent throughout the course of them and it took a lot to finally move on. I had to reassess the people in my life and make some tough (and others not so tough) decisions. It led me to Portia and reinvigorating a love for things I had all but given up on in the past. Blogging here being one of those things!

It’s been a joy to watch her achieve the goals she has set for herself. Whether that be further pursuing her modeling career in Second Life, rebooting her love for blogging, or the many other things I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. It’s truly inspiring to see someone you love reach the things they want to. She pushes me to be better and not give up on the things I want to do and be.

I feel like it’s going to be one hell of a year. There are big plans, tons of cool ideas, and I’m sure more fun then I could even imagine. Keep your eye on things around here. I might have some insider knowledge on some neat stuff that is planned. I truly hope you all have an amazing (and safe!) New Years Eve/Day. Bring on 2016!

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