No Destination, She Drove For Miles

“I don’t think I want this anymore”
As she drops her ring to the floor
She says to herself, “You’ve left before
This time you will stay gone that’s for sure.”

Backstreet Boys – Happily Never After

I think this one might be kind of interesting in terms of what it will be about. I had the idea for it come up as my random YouTube rolled through and hit on this song. Interestingly enough it was never technically released by them, but instead by The Pussycat Dolls, and while their version was good, I tend to prefer the original. It just has a flow to it and I think it being about the opposite perspective adds a bit to the song. Who knows though, it could just be me right? You can check out the other version here if it peaks your interest.

So back to the idea behind this one, the song kind of made all of those times when a relationship that you thought was going to be great just ended up not being that way. Sometimes it’s no one’s fault, sometimes it is, sometimes things just don’t work out. Be it the timing or the situation just not matching up, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been through that once or twice. It’s never a particularly enjoyable time regardless of the side you’re on. It made me go man that’s the kind of post that I could write about and a lot of people are going to relate to. I chose to do a minimal update on the alt to pull this shot off because well she needed it and I liked the perspective it provided via the song and hopefully the picture does a good job of doing the same. I very rarely use her for blogging but every once in a while she is the perfect for an idea that I have.

For the majority of my time in Second Life, pretty much from the start of my rezzing in, I’ve had someone interested in me. That is not intended to be a brag either, it’s just the nature of SL really. Now I have not always had a person in here but 90% of the time I have. The majority of them have been good experiences that lasted for quite a while when it comes to any SL relationship. I’ve had maybe two or three that were short and it was very obvious they were not right for the present time, whatever the reason. The biggest thing I’ve noticed in terms of Second Life relationships is people can Alt out far too easily and often, and they can also ghost the fuck out of you. I’ve seen both happen and I will never understand it. Cheating also is a big thing and is way too easy to pull off in this virtual world and it’s one thing I hate in and out of SL.

It is almost always hard when any kind of relationship comes to an end. It doesn’t have to be a romantic one either. Friendships end, people grow apart, times change, but it usually sucks. Even if you’re like “fuck it I’m done with this” and you choose to walk away it hurts. You can put on the brave face, be strong, but the feeling is there. We can act like it isn’t and having a support system plays a huge part in dealing with it, but we all know in those times of solitude you think about things. What could I have done? What did I do? Was it something I said or didn’t say? Sometimes there isn’t a question that even fits the situation. It’s just a void that nothing can fill in that moment. That part really sucks. If you have an idea of what or why you can at least work with it. The not knowing or being unsure of why is a horrible thing and I do not wish it on anyone. I’ve been on the opposite end of it before and it literally made me choose to leave this virtual world for a chunk of time from early 2017 to late 2018. I didn’t have a real reason for why things went the way they did and all of the other things that would have tethered me to the grid were either gone or in their own turmoil. So leaving and dealing with it outside of SL was the only choice I had to make. It was the right call in the end. I took a long time to process it and figure out what the hell had gone on. While I never did have an answer, I was able to at least close that chapter finally.

It’s part of why this time coming back into Second Life I truly am only doing it for myself. It’s why I took the time off that I did. I had to focus on other things and in doing so that was a realization that I had. It’s just not my cup of tea. I have already found in coming back that I’ve lost friends and that’s fine, I don’t blame anyone for choosing whatever they choose to do. It sucks to lose people period but you can’t control that. I respect their decisions to do what they feel is best. I’m not sure what I’ll do next, if it’s anything really, or if I just kind of show up when I feel like being on and when I don’t, then I don’t. Only time will tell.

This will be the last post for a bit as I’ll be out of town for the first time in a long time. Looking forward to that, it should be a nice reset and refresh. Maybe I’ll even have some ideas to mess around with when I do get back. Stay safe and you can find the credits below!

“No, happily never after
That just ain’t for me, because finally
I know, I deserve better after all
I’ll never let another teardrop fall”

Backstreet Boys – Happily Never After


Head:CATWA HEAD Catya v4.5 ~ Catwa Clip
Hair: TRUTH / Vivid / ~ Truth Hawks
Head Applier:L’Etre – Heidi [Cotton Tone] ~ Dam1710 ResidentEyes: AG. Dramatic Eyes – Azure ~ Eye Daddy
[MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 – Kikunosuke Eel
Body:Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3 ~ Onyx Lashelle
Skin Applier:L’Etre – Maitreya Body Appliers [Cotton tone] ~ Dam1710 Resident

Top: Blueberry – Aria – Button Up Top – DEFAULT FIT – Maitreya ~ Blueberryxx Resident
Pants: Addams // Maisei Jeans with Patches // Maitreya ~ AmaliaRainwood Resident
Shoes: Addams // Maisei Mid Sneakers // Maitreya ~ AmaliaRainwood Resident

Car: .::Indulge::. 2021 I-Wagon G65 ONE ~ youngwayne Resident
Boxes: .UNTITLED. cardboard 001/007 ~ Supremebeing Resident
Bag: ACORN Overnight Bag -Black ~ Lulu Rage
Luggage: ACORN Decor Luggage -Black ~ Lulu Rage
Ring: JCNY – ‘UN-BREAKABLE, Hyper-Gems Combo Ring 2.0 ~ JD Hansen
Road: Botanical – Dirt Road ~ Kriss Lehmann
Trees: Skye Enchanted Woods V3 ~ Alex Bader
Foliage: Skye Temperate Shrubs Set ~ Alex Bader
Home: Trompe Loeil – Fisher Point Cottage ~ Cory Edo

Pose: Exposeur – febgift15-5M ~ Ruby Starlight

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