You Aren’t Heard Anymore

You think you know, but you’re horribly blind
You think you know how this story’s defined
You think you know that your heart has gone cold inside

Device – You Think You Know

I know I said I was on a semi-hiatus when it came to blogging and that I was not sure when I would really be back to do anything here. I have gone back and forth on talking about this since I found out about it. Obviously I was going to write about it either way because that is how I get things out. But to publish or not was a tough call. I truly loathe drama and we all know that SL is full of it. I try my best to stay out of it, the real world has enough of it for all of us at the moment, but some things have recently come to my attention that I just cannot let slip past. It is what it is right? Sometimes you just have to speak your mind.

Now I am not going into detail because what I am told is being said is all a load of horse shit so what is the point of that anyway. All I’m hearing about is a ton of lies from someone who themselves lied to me so very often, as I have now found out. So for those of you who may have heard from this special snowflake, I would like to say that I have never stalked someone. I honestly should not have to even write that fucking sentence but here I am writing it. Anyone who knows me at all knows that is not me, so Person A, (we will call them Person A from here on out because unlike them I have some class) keep trying there, anyone who believes that is someone I would rather not associate with anyway. Not to mention why would I stalk someone that I was openly clear about happily not being involved with any longer? I am not sure what warped part of your mind even came up with that idea? Weird shit I tell you, weird shit.

On to the next I have never done. Doxing. I have never doxed anyone. I will never see the point in that practice. For those of you who do not know doxing is to search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. Now the funniest part about all of that is I could not have done that, because at this very moment I already know more about Person A than I knew about them from their own mouth, so how could I dox them with false information? Person A, you were the one who was dishonest as fuck about who you are and other numerous things I was told by you. I would not waste my time doxing someone. Another feather in your cap though Person A. You’re really winning here champ!

Now I want you, the reader, to think about the kind of person that would go around saying these and other things to anyone who will listen. Is that someone you would like to associate with? Would you like someone who will say all of the nice things to you and the minute they get the chance they set you on fire? If you have read my blog at any point you have a reasonably good idea of who I am. You know things I like, things I do not. You know what I do, who I know, I don’t hide shit. Person A lying over and over again though definitely got my attention. It is amusing to me because the reason I know is you did the same things to other people. Sadly you were not intelligent enough to think that people talk. That’s the funny thing about karma. It always, ALWAYS, comes around.

You know who you are Person A. You know what other bullshit you have been saying. That shit, that is the kind of shit that pushes me so very close to just revealing who you are. I won’t though, we differ in that I have some morals, you do not. You know who you have been saying it to, yes, I know that is a very long list. You will probably sit and think about who may have told me, but you are never going to be sure. You may want to think twice the next time you spout off about the things you think you know and who you say them to. Also just a thought, but watch your social climbing ass, because those ladders, they do not last long especially in SL. I could, right now, rip a very big one right out from underneath you. I would advise you to think long and hard before my name or those related to me in SL or RL leaves your mouth again, because if I find out that it has, you will find out how vengeful I can be. If anything I have taken it easy on you considering everything I have found out.

So dear reader now you know just a bit more. Social climbers are nothing but social climbers. They will use you to get ahead and when you no longer offer value to them, they drop you, or say complete lies, or probably a billion other things. For the record I know getting a response is probably part of what this person wants, but that is okay by me. I am happy that they know I know. Be careful with whatever step you choose next. I’ll be watching.

I do not forgive and forget.

All of the items in the picture above are credited below. They made it so much fun to do this shot and to not even talk about them feels so wrong to me. I have been a lover of all things Anxiety/Sempiternal/Lux Aeterna and that epic creativity it makes for doing these kinds of shots. The Magno Rex gacha at this month’s round of The Arcade is a killer and I admittedly spent way more on it than just about anything but that’s the fun in gachas right? I’ve seen plenty of people use Toksik’s Remnant outfit with Lux Aeterna things so it may be a bit cliche but it really works. Stellar job from them. I can’t leave without mentioning my fabulous beard. I’m still rocking the Ducky Skunk beard from [Magnificent] but since returning Stefan LeBarbier has been working extremely hard to get prior beards updated for new heads and adding new products all at the same time. I could not recommend a beard more than I do his and that’s not cause I know him, it’s because they are the best I have seen and the only beards I will wear. Check the rest below and stay tuned!

You think you know, but it’s all in your mind
You think you know just whose fate has been signed
You think you know just whose heart has gone cold this time

Device – You Think You Know


Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Skyler.2.0(SL) ~ Jaden Nova
Head Applier: STRAY DOG – HENRY – LELUTKA – TONE 04 ~ Gac Akina
Hair: Stealthic – Baron (Brown) ~ Stealthic Resident
Hairbase: LeLUTKA.Hairbase.001.Red (BOM) ~ Jaden Nova (Comes with the LeLUTKA Skyler Head)
Brows: LeLUTKA.Brows.Skyler.003 (BOM) ~ Jaden Nova (Comes with the LeLUTKA Skyler Head)
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Eyes: Avi-Glam. Dreamy Eyes Gacha – 17 RARE ~ Kendra Parfort ~ NEW @ Lootbox (Aug 28-Sept 18)
Beard: [MAGNIFICENT] DUCKY SKUNK – Beard – LeBarbier Alpha
Beard Layer: Volkstone Rey Facial Hair // 004 TINTABLE (BOM) ~ Daves Hexem
Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (m) (1.2) ~ MeshBody Resident
Skin: STRAY DOG – Legacy Skin – TONE 04 (BOM) ~ Gac Akina
Tattoo: IDTTY Body Shop – Secret Fate ~ Melissa Hindrabar
Tattoo: IDTTY Body Shop – Lonely Road ~ Melissa Hindrabar
Blood: Mad’ – Hurt Face [ALL] ~ Eve Kazan

Top: toksik – Remnant Uniform Top ~ Crxsxs Resident
Pants: toksik – Remnant Pants ~ Crxsxs Resident
Crown: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Ave Domino Crown RARE ~ Helel Conundrum ~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)
Halo 1: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Ave Domino Halo RARE ~ Helel Conundrum~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)
Halo 2: LUX AETERNA [Spiritus Sancti] Excelsis Deo Aura ~ GACHA ~ Helel Conundrum
Dagger: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Jewelled Dagger II~ Helel Conundrum~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)
Globe: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Globus Cruciger II~ Helel Conundrum~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)


Backdrop: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Sancta Sedes RARE ~ Helel Conundrum~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)
Books: SEMPITERNAL [Order Of The Black Flame] Transcripts ~ GACHA ~ Helel Conundrum
Sword 1: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Royal Sword I~ Helel Conundrum~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)
Sword 2: LUX AETERNA [Magno Rex] Royal Sword II~ Helel Conundrum~ NEW @ The Arcade (Sept 1-Sept 30)
Banner 1: LUX AETERNA [Spiritus Sancti] Domine Banner ~ GACHA~ Helel Conundrum
Banner 2: LUX AETERNA [Spiritus Sancti] Benedictus Qui I ~ GACHA ~ Helel Conundrum
Pose: WRONG & The Owl BENTO SIT Static Male Poses 13/4 ~ SatanLoveM Resident

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