I Don’t Need No Presents Tied Up With Pretty Bows

“It should be all green and gold
Watching snow
Comin’ down, Charlie Brown
And everybody gathered ’round the tree

Keith Urban – I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight

I'll Bring The Magic, I'll Bring The Lights

It’s not often I get inspired by a couple of different things at the same time but when I do it is fun. I’ve had the idea to do something with the new Christmas song from one of my favorite artists, Keith Urban, since I first heard it. About a week or so ago now for those counting. Originally I was sticking more to the color palette in the video and while I stayed somewhat true to it, I found a better fit for this. I know it’s weird for me, Christmas is a tricky holiday for me on a personal level, and it wouldn’t be that time of year if something else unexpected hadn’t come up. Real life be damned this post had to be done.

The plan started out with with getting the perfect outfit together and let’s be fair where else do I turn to first other than Deadwool? I’m not sure there isn’t something I haven’t fatpacked without demoing yet, and I can’t see it happening in the future. That’s the kind of reputation that one of (in my opinion) top men’s brands on the grid has. I just don’t demo. I know what I’m getting is always beyond what I could have asked for and that’s not ass kissing either. It’s cold hard truth. We don’t have a lot and knowing you’ve got at least a few brands that are always on point is huge to our community.

I paired the Hart Vest up with the trousers from the Hart suit and obviously they work extremely well together. After bouncing between the color options I had I decided to let the song kind of lead me and “It should be all green and gold” pretty much spelled it out. I added in the red to really pull that Christmas feeling in. Normally my forte is not on the accessory pieces that we wear. But it just so happened that we have a shiny new watch at Santa Inc that fit with it, even if just as that accessory. The photo above truly does not do it full justice as the small touches that make it -feel- like something you’ve had and worn can only be truly seen upclose. From the detailing in the watch band, to the intricacy of the watch face, all the way to underside of it where there’s just a little bit of a worn spot sits.

You can find it at Santa Inc from December 7th until December 27th. So whether it be a gift for that special someone in your life, or a gift to yourself, I strongly encourage anyone to go take a look for themselves. If you know Masa’s work like I do, it’s worth every single linden. I added in a few rings from MINIMAL’s new Poseidon ring gacha at this month’s round of The Men’s Department and felt like it was pretty set from there. Trees in the background are from Apple Fall (who by the way STILL has everything in the store priced at 50L, yes you should go). My lovely piano is a tried and true piece that I’ve used before from ACORN and for me it’s perfect for what I want in a piano’s look. You can find the rest of the details down below and check that song out. It’s an original and pretty damn good.

‘Cause I’ll bring the magic
I’ll bring the lights
I’ll make you a star
At the top of the tree
Shinin’ so bright
You don’t need a chimney
‘Cause I’ll be your fire
Let’s put a kiss at the top of your list
We can be naughty or nice
Don’t worry baby (Oh no)
I’ll be your Santa tonight

Keith Urban – I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight

Keith Urban - I'll Be Your Santa Tonight CDS



Head: CATWA HEAD Victor [SL Neck] v3.2 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Stray Dog – Thomas (Catwa) – Tone 04 ~ Gac Akina
Hair: Stealthic – Haunting (Brown) ~ Stealthic Resident
Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase ~ Stealthic Resident
Brows: Clef de Peau.Eyebrows v.32 Brown Omega [CATWA] Applier ~ Marcopol Oh
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Eyes: Avi-Glam. Aurora Eyes – Forest ~ Kendra Parfort
Beard: [MF] Victor Bento Hipster Stache & Beard Medium – Sun ~ Stefandetoifrench75 Janus
Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (m) (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident

Top: [Deadwool] Hart vest – Gianni – all colors ~ Masa Plympton
Chain: [Deadwool] Hart vest chain – Gianni ~ Masa Plympton
Pants: [Deadwool] Hart trousers – Gianni – no break – all colors ~ Masa Plympton
Watch: [Deadwool] Blue moon – all colors – 41 mm – mat. ON ~ Masa Plympton ~ NEW @ Santa Inc (Dec 7 – Dec 27)
Rings: MINIMAL – Poseidon Rings ~ Ors Quan ~ NEW GACHA @ The Mens Dept (Dec 5-Dec 31)


Piano: ACORN 14. Indulge Me Grand Piano RARE ~ Lulu Rage ~ GACHA
Piano Stool:
ACORN 13. Indulge Me Piano Stool ~ Lulu Rage ~ GACHA
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Flocked ~ warehousefifteendesigns resident
Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree – Spruce Green ~ warehousefifteendesigns resident
Skye Snow ~ Alex Bader
Ice: Landscapes Unlimited – Animated Sky Water and Ice 1×1 km [6.1] ~ Sominel Edelman
Sim Surround: Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina pine snow (copy) ~ Yony Bing

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