I Think That Maybe She’s The One That’s Gonna Save Me

She’s cunning as a fox
Clever as a crow
Solid as a rock
She is stubborn as a stone
She’s a hardheaded woman
And the best one that I know

Passenger – And I Love Her


This is a shorty but a good one. I told you there’d be less moody and this is me backing that up. The other night I decided to move my office in the house to make some other accommodations. It ended up with the laundry room (which one of us really wants to do more laundry right?) being removed that office taking its former location. I’m sure I’ll show what the old office turned into soon enough so you’ll it eventually. I think it’s pretty neat.

But before I got out the tools to tear it down we spent a bit of time just relaxing there. It was nice because the waterfall is right outside of it so you get the peaceful sounds coming through. I think the new room will benefit from that sound and whatever else may come from it. I’ve enjoyed ending most of our nights on a mellow vibe and this one proved no different. Time has a funny way of changing things, and there’s been a lot of change for the better. No credits because it was just a shot I took to take one. Sometimes those are the most fun. -L

“She loves me like a woman
She looks like a lady
She laughs like a child
And cries like a baby
I think that maybe she’s the one that’s gonna save me

Passenger – And I Love Her

Passenger - The Boy Who Cried Wolf


RIP no credits because I just shot this while sitting at home.

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