Twelve Notes

I did an arrangement that was kinda not so great, but, uh, maybe you can just take a-yeah, yeah, come on, here we go
Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine – A Star Is Born “Trust Me”


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and even longer since I’ve done any type of collaboration. At least one that showed up here on this page. (Because in fairness I did sit in a chair for Brennan like a week or two ago, and I guess we can count that.) But I said this week was going to bring about some change and it has been a long time coming. We are finally there. Change. It’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do, but perspective plays a big part in that. You have to do what’s best for you, because in the end if you’re not happy it’s on you to change that. Food for thought or something like that.

I spent the past month going back forth about my obligations to my raiding guild in WoW. It was not an easy decision as those people have become like family over our years together. As it is with anything though there comes a time when you just need a break. I agonized over whether or not to do it because I was the raid leader and therefore my decision had a direct impact on the rest of my team. To top it off I’m also one of the two tanks so that made it even more challenging. After weeks of thought and discussion I came to the decision that March 12 would be my curtain call for indefinite future. I chose to go to a more casual position and run with some other friends with less of a time requirement. Thankfully the whole ordeal turned out better than I would have expected and my main group felt the same so we made the call to take a hiatus until we decide otherwise.

That leads me to where I am now. I’ve got a bit more freedom to do other things and one of them might very well be spending some extra time blogging. It’s nothing that I plan to do on the level of my brother Brennan of course, I’m just not that committed. It certainly opens the possibility of more posts, different ideas, and of course collaborations that in the past would have been much harder to pull off due to time constraints. To start it off right I made good on a promise I made to collaborate with a new friend of mine Stefania Giano. You might know her, you might not, and if you don’t you should. You can find much more of her stylings over on her blog Tomorrow’s Secret. You should, totally do it.

The idea for this post literally came out of thin air last night. We had talked about doing something like a week before but in true Lucky fashion I got nowhere. I tried to think of an idea but most of mine to tend to be in the moment things or something that happens to fit something I’ve already written. In this case I had neither. We ended up shopping around for a while, hitting 3 events in total and a pose store before arriving where we did. I snagged the new Chase studded blue jeans from Legal Insanity at Access and paired them with an old favorite in Kalback’s Casual Shirt. Plaid won out, easily. Then I had to run over to Skin Fair to pickup a tattoo that I wanted from Oxydate. Thankfully I faved it on Flickr so I could easily go find it. It just might end up being my everyday one now.

In the end of it all the A Star is Born pose from Amitie won out. It’s from their Movie gacha that I don’t believe has made it back to their store yet so Marketplace for the win. I’d have to guess you’ll find it there Soon TM. I loved the movie (and it’s soundtrack) and we both happened to be looking at the pose at the same time so that was a win. By the way if you haven’t seen it, do it. Do it now. It’s worth it. From there it was setting up a scene and then 20 years of what windlight (secret here, I used my Blue Moon windlight with a few tweaks) do I want. Always fun times.

Brennan came and hung out and I even ended up having to shrink myself down a bit to make the pose work, but in the end of it all I’m quite happy with how it came out. (Disclaimer: I am not staying shrunk, sorry shorter people of the world.) Collaborating can be a lot of fun. I kind of forget after mostly months of me doing my own stuff for the most part. I’m sure you’ll see more of it here in the very near future now that I remember. Maybe even with more people. Gasp! I know right, Lucky knows people? What is this world. Though really I bet I could talk a few people into it, eventually.

You can find all the lovely credits below and I do believe Stef will have hers on her post, which of course I can add to this one when that happens. Now I have to go put on black tie for dinner tonight, cause I’m fancy and shit. I wanted to be rebel and wear pink but I was advised to not do so as it may risk my life. I’m not quite ready to gamble my life so black tie it is.

…music is essentially 12 notes between any octave. Twelve notes, and the octave repeats. It’s the same story, told over and over, forever. All any artist can offer the world is how they see those 12 notes. That’s it.
Sam Elliot as Bobby Maine – A Star Is Born “Twelve Notes”

A Star Is Born OST


Pose: Amitie: Movies – A Star Is Born (#7) ~ GACHA ~ Belen Ackland


Head: CATWA HEAD Victor [SL Neck] v3.2 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Clef de Peau.Clef de Peau.Oscar T4 [CATWA] ~ Marcopol Oh
Hair: lock&tuft – frank v1 ~ AlyxxBanks Resident
Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase ~ Stealthic Resident
Brows: IDTTY Faces – CATWA Appliers [Heavy Eyebrows] ~ Melissa Hindrabar
Eyes: Avi-Glam Hope Eyes – Ice ~ Kendra Parfort
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_Ears_Season5 – Kikunosuke Eel
Beard: GA EG – Magnificent [MF] Victor Bento Hipster Stache & Beard Medium – Night ~ ElleEtGance Resident
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.06 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: Clef de Peau.Body Tight T4 ~ Marcopol Oh
Hands: Slink Hands – Dynamic ~ Siddean Munro
Tattoo: Oxydate. Feed the Beast Tattoo_Bodies Applier ~ MonaSax95 Resident

Shirt: <Kalback> Casual Shirt M3_Plaid9 (Slink) ~ Patrix Beck
Pants: Legal Insanity – Chase studded blue jeans Slink Physique ~ DATRIP Blackbart ~ NEW @ Access (Mar 12-Apr 7)
Rings: Meva Roy Mens Rings Bento Slink ~ Mea Carnell


Sim Surround: Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina ~ Yony Bing
Barn: Trompe Loeil – Raleigh Wedding Barn Full ~ Cory Edo
Hay Bale Stack: JIAN Barnyard Buddies :: Hay Bales ~ JianSL Resident
Hay Bale Single: Fancy Decor: Belted Hay ~ Jake Vordun
Hay Groundcover: Botanical – Medium Loose Hay Groundcover ~ Kriss Lehmann
Barrel Single: Tool Shed – Wooden Barrels 2 – Closed Textured ~ Fallacy Decuir
Barrel Stack: [Kres] Savea Brewery – 5 Barrels ~ KrescendoStore Resident
Trees: Botanical – Douglas Fir ~ Kriss Lehmann

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