I’ve been a lot of places I never thought that I would go. Some of them good, some of the less so. But on this day I’m reminded that I wouldn’t change a single thing. You’ll make mistakes just like I did, you’re gonna try and you’re gonna fail, more than once. But you’ll keep going and you will be amazing.


It is truly amazing how fast time goes by. I know we all say it and everyone thinks about it at one time or another throughout their lives. I think a lot of the time we take too many of the small things for granted. The grass is always greener, etc, etc. Things change, people grow, but time never stops. And yes, for the record, I’m perfectly fine. Today is just a day where I’m looking back on certain things. I don’t know exactly where I’m going but I definitely will not forget where I have been.

There’s not a lot of Second Life to this one, and again I apologize for that. I’m in an odd place right now and I don’t really know what I plan to do next in regards to that. That’s a conversation for another time and place though. -L


Balloons: anxiety %sorrowland balloons (Group Gift) ~ Max1ma Resident


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