Have you ever taken a break from Second Life? What was it like coming back after whatever amount time you were away? Portia and I took about a month and a half away because of real life changes and the new WoW expansion launching. The WoW thing being more my side of things as I had to get ready for more raiding. She’s been taking care of her lovely nephews most of the week and I’ve quite enjoyed the Skype time I’ve gotten with those little guys. Truly awesome to see the interaction that a one year old can have with you even from that far away.


Working our way back into things has definitely been different since it’s so much easier to fall behind as a lady then as a guy. We have slowly caught up on all of the things we missed while we were away, starting of course with blogging and photography. It’s near impossible to say we have completely caught up as that will probably not happen. I know for me the plan is to take things at whatever pace I’m feeling like and see where that takes me. I like making it more about the journey then the end result, and I’m starting to really enjoy doing things in whatever way I like to.

I wanted to another picture of the two of us yesterday so we took to working out a look, found a pose that fit, and grabbed a corner of our house to use. I love it when we both do a shot because it’s so very interesting to me to see how different each of us looks at things. Between the choice of angle and the different lighting options with windlights you can end up with two entirely unique looks. Her photo is the one above, and mine is below.


Questions for Portia:

Lucky’s Question: Our pictures are both very different, yet still use the same pose and location. Once we were setup how did you find your perspective for the shot?

Portia’s Answer: The first thing I do is cam all around our avatars like a crazy person. This is the first thing I do when I take any shot at all; I [ctrl]+[left click] up and down, swinging the camera around to see if there’s an angle that appeals to me. Usually this is an angle that’s in line with the X or Y axis; I find something straight (like the edge of a wall, photo, door, floor, etc) and line it up with the edge of my computer screen, zooming in or out from that point to get the shot where I want it. In this case, I liked the way we looked toward the right of my screen, lining up nicely using the Rule of Thirds ( ) for visual interest. Lucky’s eyes looked thoughtful, glancing down while mine were more in the direction of the camera. It’s a sweet shot with the light coming in through the doors. And I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that.

For this shot in particular, wanted something green in the corner and I really liked the way it bent similarly to the way my avatar was snugging up to Lucky’s. Diagonal shadows from the doors beside us draw a kind of line between my avvie and the plant. It’s cool!

Just a quick note about lighting, too, since you asked: because our avvies’ clothes are lighter in colour, I chose a neutral windlight that would give us some shadows without distracting from what our avatars are wearing.

Lucky’s Question: With how busy things have been, how do you focus your time in Second Life so you can accomplish the things you want to?

Portia’s Answer: Man, it has NOT been easy and I’ve really not been focusing so much as I’ve been trying to stay zen about not having as much time as I’d like to do all of the things I used to do. More than that, however, I appreciate the time I DO have to play around in SL so much more than I did even a month ago.

I’m using the flickr app on my phone now which does cut down on the time I’m catching up on favourites and comments during the day instead of at night when I’m on the desktop. Similarly, I’m cutting down on my blogging requirements much more now and trying to find a realistic balance between SL and my new busy RL (which, btw, involves the most AMAZING BABY BOYS EVER so I’m not sweating it too much 😉 ).

Lucky’s Question: Before we took our break, we finally made the switch to mesh heads. Seeing the upcoming capabilities with Bento, what most do you look forward to?


Really, though, I can’t wait to see what we’ll be able to do with greater control over our mesh heads.  I’ve heard a lot about models bashing mesh head users in Second Life and while I do understand part of the argument (it’s easier to rip someone’s style – although they’ll say it’s impossible to be “unique”) I still feel that this is the way Second Life is going. As with mesh feet, hands, and bodies, mesh ears and eyelashes and hair and clothing, we are moving farther and farther away from the way things used to be.

I think this is GOOD. I think this is NECESSARY.

I believe, truly, that the Bento project is going to make it possible for us to have the sort of customization we’ve been missing since mesh heads and appliers have become so prevalent. It’s going to give those of us with an interest in tweaking every facial feature -just so- the ability to do have the faces we want in a mesh head, which means cleaner lines and higher-definition textures moving forward.

Haha, can you tell that I’m excited?

Questions for Lucky:

Portia’s Question: Okay, this morning when we were talking about working on a picture together, what was your original concept and what steps did you take to make this shot happen? (Thank you, by the way, for making it an easy one for me on my day off. <3)

Lucky’s Answer: I really didn’t have a concept at the start. It was more doing a “chill” picture for the sake of doing one. The original pose just wasn’t working with what we chose to wear so it was off to RK Poses to find a new one. Which coincidentally enough ended up being a new one. After trying it out it was obviously perfect for the idea. Then it was adjusting it to fit with us (and you changing your shape a bit, thank you <3). Your idea for the location in the house was spot on and really lead me to using the doors with the sunset and water in the distance.

Portia’s Question: What do you look for in a good couples pose?

Lucky’s Answer: That’s a really tough question. I used to just look for nice ones, and I still do that to a degree. You know the lovey dovey snuggle kiss etc ones? Then sometimes it would be the hot steamy ones, which so very rarely make it into my Flickr stream, not because they don’t turn out great. More so my stream is usually safe to moderate. But there is only so many ways you can pose people in the norm so now I make it a challenge to find something that is different from the usual things. Most of the time at least.

Portia’s Question: Are there any tips or tricks you’d like to share for taking a picture with someone in Second Life?

Lucky’s Answer: Do not force an idea. It never works out well. Either wait until one hits you, or maybe go look around at poses or clothes. Sometimes you see that one item that spawns the idea and then you can advance it from there. I find when I force the idea I just get mad and give up. As for taking a photo with someone else, I love it when we communicate what we’re doing, but let each do their own. Seeing the differences really is awesome fun.

Portia’s Question: What is the biggest challenge you’ve noticed since coming back into Second Life after some time away?

Lucky’s Answer: Shopping. Easily that. Even being gone for just a month I fell so far behind on clothes and hair, and all of that. Keep in mind that’s for a guy, we get a fraction of what the ladies get so I can only imagine the challenge that was awaiting you upon returning. With so many events going on during a month you fall behind so very fast. I considered trying to play catch up, but it wasn’t worth it. I focused on a few events and a couple of stores I already loved. It was easier to grab a few new things and just go from there.



Head: CATWA HEAD Justin V4.11 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Clef de Peau.Harry Head T5.Omega Applier [CATWA] ~ Marcopol Oh ~ NEW @ The Mens Dept (Sept 5-Sept 30)
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.3 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: Clef de Peau.Body Athl.T5.OMEGA/SIGNATURE ~ Marcopol Oh
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Sky ~ Ikon Innovia
Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Dima ~ MarilynMonroe Munro
Brows: Clef de Peau:Eyebrows v.25:Brown:TMP/AK/CATWA ~ Marcopol Oh ~ NEW @ The Mens Dept (Sept 5-Sept 30)
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Tattoo: DAPPA – Harmonize Tattoo. ~ KarlosGuerrero Resident

Top: [Deadwool] Ernst sweater – fitted regular – white/blue ~ Masa Plympton
Pants: [Deadwool] Corduroy pants – M – mustard ~ Masa Plympton

~ Portia~

Skin Appliers: Lara Hurley-Christy Rose Pale *Catwa Appliers* ~ Lara Hurley
Head: CATWA HEAD Annie 4.10 ~ Catwa Clip
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Quicksilver ~ Ikon Innovia
Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 ~ Kikunosuke Eel
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 ~ Onyx LeShelle
Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1 ~ Siddean Munro
Nail Appliers: La Boheme – [LB French Soft] *Slink & Omega* Manicure ~ Santana Lumiere

Hair: little bones. Buffy ~ Nova Faerye ~ NEW @ Uber (until October 23rd)

Sweater: DeadDollz ~ Opal – Egg ~ Kiddo Oh ~ NEW @ Uber (until October 23rd)
Tights Applier: Izzie’s – Maitreya Lara – Applier Chevron Tights ~ Izzie Button
Legwarmers: Moon Elixir – Chakra – 16 – Maitreya – Leg Warmers – Grey ~ ElixirBlack ~ Gacha Item

Earrings: Eudora3d Eithne Earrings ~ Eudora3D


House: REDGRAVE Beach House SAN ROSA ~ Dean Ashby
Oars: floorplan. hanging oars ~ Tegan Serin
Wall Art: [Commoner] The Wine Cellar / Cork Catcher ~ Emery Milneaux
Glasses: [Commoner] The Wine Cellar / Wine Glass Shelf ~ Emery Milneaux
Wine Bottles: [ kunst ] – Wine bottle holder / combined (x6) ~ Kunst Himmel
Plant: Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – F ~ Soyoy Resident
Cabinet: MudHoney Felix Cabinet – Antique ~ Ravyn Hynes

Pose: RK Poses. Love Like This ~ Keon Xenga

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