The Power Within

“Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success”
-Arianna Huffington

The Power Within

Dang it. It’s been a little too long since I last got a post done. I’m sorry about that, things have been quite hectic around my neck of the woods over the past week. But it’s April now and that means a whole new round of events will be starting. Sadly that means others are coming to an end.

I was in a fantasy type of mindset and commandeered Portia’s alchemy lab for a bit while she was away. Thankfully I didn’t blow myself up with any of the crazy chemicals that are around there. Heck it could have been worse then that, I could have turned myself into a frog or something. I love the challenge of trying different things with my pictures. Finding that perfect light setting or near perfect because nothing is truly perfect right?

I’ve spent time trying to grow my skills not only in using windlights, but using projector lighting in some shots to give them that something extra. The thing I’ve noticed most is everything is really trial and error. For every time I fail at achieving a look I want I’ve learned why it didn’t work. I’m being honest too, in that I have failed many more times then I have succeeded. You’ll never know what you can do if you never try to do it.

Daeberethwen Arbenlow‘s tutorials on Youtube have been nothing short of amazing in aiding my learning. She does a great job of going through things and explaining what does what so that you’re not left going “Ummm what did she do?” I’ve learned a great deal from them and plan to keep going back to them to refine skills as well as pick up new ones. If you’ve never checked them out head over her channel and take a look. I’d be willing to bet you’ll find something you didn’t know before!


Skin: -NIVARO- Griffin Skin – 02. PolarBear Tone – brownbrows ~ ReishiProphet Resident ~ Now @ -NIVARO- Main Store
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2 ~ Siddean Munro
Cut Lip: ::B&C:: Busted Lip & Black Eye – Lip only – Healing ~ Graea Resident
Beard: -NIVARO- 3rd Gen Beard – Billy (Hard) – black ~ ReishiProphet Resident ~ NEW @ -NIVARO- Main Store
Beard: ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. FACIAL HAIR      Stubble  (Black Hair) ~ Saalskin Resident
Hood: PFC~Acolyte – hood ~ Pucca Firecaster
Pants: EPOS/Stitched Norjen Pants – Black ~ EposHair Resident
Cape: PFC~Northern Cape  ~ Pucca Firecaster
Gloves: PFC~Fur gloves ~ Pucca Firecaster
Belt: [The Forge] Arwen’s Belt, Male (Black) ~ Deccan Arida

Pose: *PosESioN* Vendetta 3 ~ Dahriel Resident

Table: :CP: The Alchemist – Table RARE ~ Isla Gealach ~ Gacha Item
Cutting Board w/ Bowls: ~*S.E.*~ Apothecary Cutting Board ~ Draconias Timeless
Small Bubbles: E.V.E {M/C} Dancing Bubbles {White} ~ Noke Yuitza
Blue/Purple/Green Sparkles: E.V.E KOI (MOD) Square Confetti Ring – Black/White 01 ~ Noke Yuitza
Large Green Bubble: E.V.E {M/C} Big Bubble {Green} ~ Noke Yuitza
Beaker Group: 16/.a. DIY Love Potion – Alchemy of Love – RARE ~ Druunah Esharham ~ Gacha Item
Shelving: ~*S.E.*~ Apothecary Shelves ~ Draconias Timeless
Ingredient Bottles: ~*S.E.*~ Apothecary Ingredient Bottles (5 Row) ~ Draconias Timeless
Potion Bottles: ~*S.E.*~ Apothecary Potion Bottles (Trio 1) ~ Draconias Timeless
Small Crystals: A.D.D.Andel! Large Cystal Decor-Yellow/Orange/Black/Pink/Purple ~ Andel Rhiadra
Cauldrons: ~*S.E.*~ Apothecary Cauldron (Cook – L) ~ Draconias Timeless
Large Crystal: A.D.D.Andel! Large Cystal Decor-White-ish ~ Andel Rhiadra
Crystal Ball: flowey x Teawood / Crystal Ball (w/light effect) ~ Flutter Memel
Spice Tray: *AF* Herbals – Spice Tray Warm ~ ArtizanMesh Resident
Building: Rochambeau Lydius House ~ Leviathan Flux


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