If The City Never Sleeps, Then Fuck It, Neither Will I.

“Yo, flood the scene, hit the strip
Get my fix, got some sniffles in a sack
Run this town like a sprinter on a track
Come on, lay back, to attack, in the ‘Lac
We ain’t cutting no slack”

Hollywood Undead – My Town

Taken outside The Bellagio.

Viva Las Vegas indeed. This post will be a little more photo heavy than the usual post, but you expected that and I promised it. I learned two lessons this weekend while taking these. First lesson, cranking Firestorm up to do it was a terrible idea. Second lesson, waiting for Black Dragon to load up is smarter than doing the first lesson. Facts. I will remember that the next time I’m there because there will be a next time. We only stayed for one night, but in our one night/the next day we managed to do a lot of things and there’s so much more we still have to see. A return trip is already in the works and we’ll definitely be seeing a ton of the things we didn’t get to the first time around.

We started out by arriving via Airline to McCarran International Airport where we were greeted kindly and walked through security, getting our bags, and on the right track to Las Vegas. Once we arrived at the Concierge Office in Vegas for check-in, I was happy to see another familiar face in Tye. She is the literal best. I walked in to a hilarious conversation about snacks and me being me, chimes in with “Oh so you want some more Jolly Ranchers huh?” Of course I know Tye and she knows me so it was just like banter between friends and that is what I love about them. You are guests sure, but if you’ve been around them a few times, there’s that comfort level and I love that I can have a fun back and forth with great people who do amazing things for the whole of Second Life. (Below you can see various photos of the airport, the hotel suite (The Luxor) and some broad shots of the sims themselves.)

Shortly after our arrival to Las Vegas, I had booked us a dinner for four at Hell’s Kitchen. How could I not do this. I love Gordon Ramsay and seeing a virtual version of Hell’s Kitchen done well is something I have to see. As usual with HighLife Destinations this did not disappoint a single bit. The look and feel of the restaurant was incredibly detailed and beautifully built. The dinner service itself was amazing. Every dinner I have ever had at any of their resorts has been great. The role play between the waiter/waitress and the guests is something that you just have to experience. An explanation does not and will not do it proper justice. We had the pleasure of having Gabriel as our waiter for the evening and Gabe is certainly a favorite of mine. Always kind, always timely, his role play is exactly what it should be and he’s just an all around epic human being. You can check out some non-edited photos of our dinner below. (I surely didn’t get everything shot this time around and I damn sure can’t edit everything I did shoot haha.)

After we finished our dinner we went back to the hotel for a few minutes to change out of our formal clothing. Lord knows none of us wanted to walk around Las Vegas all dressed up for the entire night. So we changed and looked over our options for the evening. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, as it is spread across four entire sims. We chose to start out with some bowling because we all love to play games and bowling was something we hadn’t done yet, so getting in there and splitting up the group into non-couple teams was a blast. It is the Bergson Bowling system and I have no complaints whatsoever about it. Aside from those few splits I ended up getting that I would have sworn the pin was down. But whatever right.

Bowling Fun.

Then we moved over to check out Margaritaville and start our drinking. Malone couldn’t drink so Mike drank all of hers which made for a very unsteady Mike. He made it, barely. I lost count of how many drinks went around but it was enough to not be able to count them. All of them were great as far as I remember. Someone, I don’t remember who, but someone said we should do karaoke. Now with us not being sober we of course decided that we should all do it at the same time because we’ll all be professional and in sync right? Yeah, not really. We tried our best and it was blast. Sorry to anyone’s eardrums though.

Post alcohol karaoke. Be glad you can’t hear it.

After that we did some more sightseeing, checked out the Gondola River by the Eiffel Tower, that was awesome to see. We made sure to walk around and hit the gift shop, tried out some dune buggies in the desert. That was FUN. No cars were flipped over which surprised me and probably everyone else. I took a quick walk to check out the Highlife Cannabis shop because I wanted to see what they had there and there is a good variety of strains and other goodies to partake in. Coming from Los Angeles, I wanted to see what Las Vegas had and it didn’t disappoint me.

Beers at The Luxor in the pool.

When I say the suite we had literally had everything I mean everything. We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full bar, a living area, an outdoor seating area, our own pool and hot tub. It is gorgeous and you can see some shots of it in the first slideshow above. Once we finished wandering around we decided it was time to get back to our suite and start to wind down for the evening. Because we were already pretty sloshed from Margaritaville, so what better to do upon our return than throw on some swimwear and crack open some beers. Again Malone opened one, but trust me that thing got demolished by Mike. Job well done sir. You can see the Mandalay Bay in the background as well as part of The Luxor, the trademark lights beaming out of the top of Mike’s head.

More alcohol, what can go wrong right?

Once we were waterlogged and even more gone, I noticed the whiskey bottle on the counter of the bar and thought we should do one round of shots before we all moved off to our respective bedrooms for the night. I promise Malone drank apple juice, not whiskey. We weren’t letting anything slip by, drunk or not. More alcohol in one night than in the previous six months but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? We then split off to our own rooms and relaxed for the night. It was damn good day in Las Vegas and already had us wanting to come back soon.

The next day we did some more sightseeing to fill the time we had left, and finished it off at the amusement park because why not. Rides are always fun to do and it was a nice chill way to close out our stay there. Mike threw some axes, I watched it. Malone and Kenzie did a few different rides, which I think you’ll see on her blog soon. Before we knew it, it was time to check out and head back home, but not before we got a photo in front of the sign to remember our first time in Las Vegas.

Leaving Las Vegas, only to return soon.

There are no credits this time aside from the following: check out Las Vegas. I promise you will not regret a SINGLE dollar spent and it is worth your time. HighLife Destinations has never disappointed me, and I’ve been there a lot. Book your stay today!

“When the sun goes down
The stars come out, like the ghosts of yesterday
So drink ’em down, cause some things never change
Baby sing get loud, we ain’t gonna fuck around
When the sun goes down, let me hear you say…
This is my town”

Hollywood Undead – My Town


  1. Amazing post Lucky and Mike and I had an amazing time, we are already planning to go back for the 4th of July weekend, we can not wait to spend time with you and Kenzie again in sin city!

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