Now There’s Always Gonna Be Someone Who Thinks Art Has No Meaning

Yellow nice to meet you
Do you know that you just blue my mind?
It was the perfect conversation, I think that I red about one time
And I told a white lie when I told you, I’ve never been green with envy you
You are the perfect color

Safetysuit – Perfect Color

A Short Story

Yesterday while we were putting together the setup for the shot we both took, I played around a bit and ended up with this as well. I originally had no intent on using it for anything in particular. It was just a random shot that I thought looked neat so I shot and saved it. After I went back and looked at it more I couldn’t not post it.

I liked the ethereal feeling it had to it and it’s quite the departure from the shot that I wanted for what we were doing. The one below is more along what I was expecting to come of it and it definitely turned out nice, both in color and black and white. But the one above just kind of stood out for the simplicity of it and the way the lighting made it all look. It’s literally the same exact scene. I liked the silhouettes and the way the dark and light came together. I always find it fun to try out different things or like this, stumble upon a look that I hadn’t even thought of.

A Not So Short Story

And in a perfect world
I’d get to say
It’s just black and white
There’s no room for grey
And there’s a color scheme inside every heart
Ours won’t be complete until we have yours
So yellow nice to meet you

Safetysuit – Perfect Color

Safetysuit - Perfect Color


No credits on this because it wasn’t planned to be a blog to be honest. I’ll tag what I can though to make sure I do the creators as much justice as possible.

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