And You Can’t Spell “Awesome” Without “Me”

“I’m the only one of me (Oh-oh)
Baby, that’s the fun of me

Taylor Swift – ME! [Ft. Brendon Urie]


I bet when you read the title of this you thought it was going to be about -me- Lucky. I would understand if you did because that was the intention behind the title. The real story is this post is not about me, not really. No it’s more about -you-. Now I know how a lot of people would view this song and the title of it, but with a bit of digging you’ll find out more. Like this from Alex Kazemi of V Magazine;

Humans in 2019 can feel so exhausted by never feeling like “enough,” when we are constantly being inundated with fear-based messages that someone could swipe “left” on us, or maybe the risk that our crush might not respond to our thirst-trap we posted to our Instagram story, or the existential crisis that we just might not be as successful as that person we find ourselves hate-lurking on our phones in bed.

In our competitive Instagram-highlight reel world, “ME!” holds up a torch to the fact that we don’t owe anyone an explanation for why we are how we are.  There is something haunting about a simple message of self-care, and accessing your individuality to the point where you can hold a confidence that you are the only-you that will ever exist.  It’s almost 2020, why not get in touch with viewing yourself as a one-of-kind mythological creature as a self-love hack?  It’s nice to have a song about self-empowerment be stuck inside our heads. 

Even if we were never snakes in the first place, we sometimes need to still access our divine will to become the mystical creatures we were born to become. Maybe from Taylor, we can learn – there is more to life than one’s reputation. There are butterflies.

So how do I relate that back to our wonderful world of Second Life? Easily actually. In here you can do, be, see, create just about anything you like. You wanna be a unicorn, go for it, you wanna be a car, sure do it, you want to be who you feel -you- truly are, you can do it here. Now something I’ve noticed a lot and not just lately, is current friends, former friends, Facebook friends, etc. getting down about things. We all do that and that’s fine to do. Sometimes you just got to let it out and it’s good to do.

But without being super specific I want to relate this to blogging because well that’s what I’m doing and it’s the one thing that I know reasonably well. You’ve seen me talk about “Breaking The Glass,” thinking outside the box, whatever you want to call it. I truly believe in that and I try to put it into practice often. I’ve seen far too many people get chewed up and spit out by the machine that being a full-time blogger can be. That’s not to fault the creators or blogger managers. I get it, they have a style and fit for their products and more often than not they want a certain thing. That’s their prerogative. Their brand, their product is their baby and they protect it. It’s smart business and I understand it.

Where it loses me though is with this, (and for the record this is why I am not a sponsored blogger). While I understand what I said above, I feel like a lot of bloggers, and no I’m not naming people, but a lot of people stick to a certain formula because that’s what the names want. As I said I get it, but I know for me personally, and for others I’ve spoken with, when the parameters of what you’re doing are set so tightly all it does is drive some of the most creative people away. I can’t think of anything worse as a blogger than being forced into a box and having my creativity stifled because I -have- to do X or Y. I know not all brands or events function that way and please no I’m not shaming the ones who do, remember I understand why this is the way it is.

I’ve only spent a longer amount of time on one scene than I did on this one. I’m not saying that to make myself sound good either. The time spent is great sure, but in the end you could spend a month on it and it doesn’t land the way you wanted. I’ve had shots I worked on for days never even get posted because it didn’t feel right when I was done. The point is whether it’s five minutes or five months, don’t let it define what you do. Don’t let a brand or a certain style be the only thing you shoot for. I hope you come away from this looking at some things a bit differently, if you weren’t already, and if not then what I had to say probably wasn’t going to convince you anyway. I still wish you the best.

My end goal here is simple. You are the only you. Only you see things the exact way that you see them. Don’t force yourself into a box just because it lands you a name that you feel you need to validate what you do. The fact that you are willing to do what you’re doing is the only validation you need. At the end of the day if you’re happy with what you’ve done and you enjoyed it, what else matters? (Unless it’s your job and livelihood of course then you have to do what you have to do.) What I’m saying is what I’ve said before. Be you. Blog your way. Show us what you see. I can scroll through my Flickr feed every single day and see things that look just like others a few rows down. What I notice is the ones that break the mold, they stand out, they’re different. Sure there’s risk involved, but what’s life without a little risk every now and then. It’s boring. -You- are enough.

You’re the only one of you
Baby, that’s the fun of you

Taylor Swift – ME! [Ft. Brendon Urie]

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it, I hear there’s a prom on May 10th. That could be fun. I know Brenna pinged Brennan and I on Facebook about it. It could be a good time, maybe. I guess if we go I have to find a date or be the third wheel. I’m not much of the third wheel type though so we’ll see. Maybe I go, maybe not. Never say never ❤

Taylor Swift - ME!



His Pose: {what next} Rainy Days Pose Props ~ Winter Thorn

Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v3.2 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Clef de Peau.Cody T3 ~ Marcopol Oh
Hair: Stealthic – Baron ~ Stealthic Resident
Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase ~ Stealthic Resident
Brows: Clef de Peau.Eyebrows v.32 Brown Omega [CATWA] Applier ~ Marcopol Oh
Eyes: Avi-Glam. Dramatic Eyes – Pond ~ Kendra Parfort
Ears: [MANDALA] STRETCHED_Ears_Season2 GOLD – Kikunosuke Eel
Beard: GA EG – Daniel Bento Viking Stache & Beard – Sun ~ ElleEtGance Resident
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.06 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: Clef de Peau.Body Tight T3 ~ Marcopol Oh
Hands: Slink Hands – Dynamic ~ Siddean Munro

Jacket: [Deadwool] Hart jacket – Slink – all colors ~ Masa Plympton
Pants: [Deadwool] Hart trousers – Slink – no break – all colors ~ Masa Plympton
Shirt: [Deadwool] Pinned add-on – Slink ~ Masa Plympton


Her Pose: Quixotica – Demure05 ~ Quixotica Zepp

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2 ~ Catwa Clip
Hair: Magika – Alyssa ~ Sabina Gully ~ NEW @ Magika Main Store
Head Applier: L’Etre – Heidi Skin [Pearl Tone] ~ Dam1710 Resident
Avi-Glam. Dramatic Eyes – Azure ~ Kendra Parfort
Eye Makeup: Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier Cora Eyeshadow ~ Izzie Button
Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 – Kikunosuke Eel
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 ~ Onyx Lashelle
Skin Applier: L’Etre – Maitreya Body Appliers [Pearl tone] ~ Dam1710 Resident
Nails: Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Perfect Housewife (M) ~ Maia Gasparini

Dress: *{Junbug}* Alerie [Sky] – Maitreya ~ Juno Mantel
Earrings: Cae :: Enamored :: Earring (L) ~ Caelan Hancroft


Buildings: ROOST – Vintage Shops Pack ~ RoostHomes Resident
Street: ROOST – Grey Plain – Urban Road Kit ~ RoostHomes Resident
Street Accessories: ROOST – Street Accessory Pack1 ~ RoostHomes Resident
Hedges: Botanical – Seasonal Boxwood Hedges ~ Kriss Lehmann
Daisies: Disorderly+Moon Amore/Daisy Dream/ Daisy Jar / PINK ~ Rogue Falconer ~ GACHA
Kitten: JIAN Munchkin Kittens :: Siamese Companion Kitten ~ JianSL Resident ~ GACHA
Briefcase: *Petit Chat* My leather briefcase Grey ~ Trinity Yazamoto (I totally tinted it)
Bicycle: [Con.] Peewee bicycle – turquoise ~ Wavie Haller ~ GACHA
Chalkboard: TW – Standing Chalkboard / Sign_Painted_White ~ Trowa Alecto
Snake: Reality Designs LTD – animated snake standing same place ~ Puzzlemagnet Resident
Butterflies: Schadenfreude Pastel/Grue Monarch Butterfly ~ Allegory Malaprop
Chrysalis: ZimberLab_WinWallA_tria4_half ~ Doctor Zimberman


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