Let It Hurt

So let it hurt, let it bleed
Let it take you right down to your knees
Let it burn to the worst degree
May not be what you want, but it’s what you need
Rascal Flatts – Let It Hurt


There aren’t enough words in the universe for this one.

I would say anyone who does anything creative tends to turn to the things they know. This shot has been in my head for longer than I can even say. I put off shooting it right away because to be honest I wasn’t sure that I could. I went back and forth on it endlessly. It was only after a few nights of constantly laying it out that I decided I had to. It wasn’t going to get out of my brain if I didn’t do it.

The focus here is honestly less on the individual things in it. It’s the shot all together that tells the story. It is the story of reaching for something that is just out of reach. In this case it is a person. When you fall into that place where that person is not there you rack your mind over what you could have done. You reach and reach, and a lot of the time you are reaching for nothing. Some handle it quickly, some box it up, some take longer, and some never do. We all reach at one point or another.

There’s no shame in reaching. You feel what you feel. But the thing with it is that what you feel may not be what someone else feels. You can’t control that. Eventually you come to the place where you find you don’t need to reach for that anymore. I think for me, this photo is that place. That place is letting go of what I once had. It took a long time to find it and even now I’m not completely sure but I know I have to. What it doesn’t mean is that I don’t still care. I do. Anyway I promise I’ll get back to the fashion more than anything else now.

The styling is pretty simple since I cropped the hell out of this shot. For myself I went with a standard me setup, shirt and jeans always wins that battle. I topped it off with a nice new bracelet from Cold Ash that’s at this round of TMD. For the more attractive one in the photo I grabbed JustBECAUSE’s newest dress at this month’s Collabor88. It’s very well done in my opinion. Wonderful texturing along with a hud to change the ribbon color. It worked out very well for what I was trying to accomplish. The rest of the each look can be found below. Until next time…

Rascal Flatts - Changed


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 ~ Onyx Lashelle
Skin Applier: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins ~ Lara Hurley
Hair: TRUTH / Farryn ~ Truth Hawks
Hands: Slink Hands – Dynamic – Female V1.5 ~ Siddean Munro
Nail Applier: Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Perfect Housewife ~ Maia Gasparini
Dress: JustBECAUSE Cary Dress – 11Yellow – Lara ~ Annie Melson ~ NEW @ Collabor88 (Mar 8 – Apr 6)

Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.04 ~ Siddean Munro
Body Applier: Clef de Peau.Body Tight T4 [Slink] ~ Marcopol Oh
Hands: Slink Hands – Dynamic – Male L V1.01 ~ Siddean Munro
Tattoo: DAPPA – Harmonize Tattoo – KarlosGuerrero Resident
Shirt: <Kalback> Casual Shirt M3_Plaid11 (Slink) ~ Patrix Beck
Bracelet: Cold Ash BURLESON Bracelet  ~ ColdAsh Resident ~ NEW @ The Mens Dept (Mar 5 – Mar 31)
Jeans: [Deadwool] Broberry jeans – Slink – washed pitch ~ Masa Plympton

Backdrop: Rowne.Cafe de Rowne. Paris RARE GACHA ~ Fashionboi Landar

Pose: *PosESioN* Leaving Couple Pose ~ Dahriel Resident

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