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As promised here is a list and links to different SecondLife wrestling organizations that I have managed to find thus far, if you know of one that is missing or the current information is incorrect, please reach out to me and I will get added or fixed, no questions asked.

Second Life Wrestling YouTube < Great page for videos from multiple organizations

VWE: Virtual Wrestling Entertainment

Links: Official Site | Twitter
Inworld: VWE
Inworld Group: VEW Fan Association
Regular Show Days/Times: VWE Defiance – Friday at 6PM SLT & VWE Octane – Monday (Starting 7.25) at 6PM SLT

VW: Valiant Wrestling

Links: Twitter | Discord
Inworld: VW
Inworld Group: Valiant Wrestling Fans
Regular Show Days/Times: VW Flashpoint – Wednesday at 6PM SLT & VW Ignition – Saturday @ 7PM SLT

UFW: United Furry Wrestling

Links: Twitter | Discord | YouTube
Inworld: UFW
Inworld Group: UFW Fan Group!
Regular Show Days/Times: UFW Unbroken – Monday @ 5PM SLT, UFW Nocturnal – Friday @ 8PM SLT, & UFW Sunday Night Frontline @ 7PM SLT

Premier Wrestling

Links: Official Site | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Flickr | Marketplace | Discord
Inworld: Premier Wrestling
Inworld Group: Premier Wrestling Fan Group
Regular Show Days/Times: Premier Wrestling Shows

Fusion Pro Wrestling

Links: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Flickr | Instagram | Discord | TikTok
Inworld: Fusion Pro Wrestling
Inworld Group: Fusion Pro Wrestling Fan Group
Regular Show Days/Times: UNCENSORED – Monday @ 3PM SLT & ALLEGIANCE – Thursday @ 4PM SLT

FWF: Furry Wrestling Federation

Links: Twitter | Discord
Inworld: FWF
Inworld Group: =FWF 3.0= Fan Group
Regular Show Days/Times: FWF Blood – Monday @ 7PM SLT

DCWF: Digital Championship Wrestling Federation

Links: Coming Soon
Inworld: DCWF
Inworld Group: DCWF Fan Group
Regular Show Days/Times: Saturday @ 12PM SLT & Sunday @ 2PM SLT

OEW: Over The Edge Wrestling

Links: Coming Soon
Inworld: OEW
Inworld Group: <<<OEW>>> Fan Group
Regular Show Days/Times: Ascension – Sunday @ 10AM SLT

HONOR Pro Wrestling

Links: Discord | Twitter
Inworld: HONOR Pro Wrestling
Inworld Group: HONOR Wrestling Fan Group
Regular Show Days/Times: Infinity – Tuesdays @ 6PM SLT

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