24:8 Special Occasion Jerseys


Paying tribute to their large Latino fan base, the Lakers donned special uniforms for Noche Latina on March 25, 2007. La Mamba Negra did his part that night, scoring 43 points to push the Lakers past Golden State 115-113.


For the past eight years, the purple and gold have worn special “Los Lakers” jerseys for their annual Noche Latina. Fluent in Spanish himself, Bryant dropped 36 points on the uniform’s debut night. Along with Italian, Spanish has been a large part of Vino’s life, including when he and Spaniard teammate Pau Gasol would speak Español on the court.


It was a white Christmas for the Lakers, as Kobe gave fans the gift of victory. Bryant dueled Carmelo Anthony, with both players scoring 34 points in a game that wasn’t decided until the final minutes. In the end, Bryant and the Lakers came out on top 100-94.


Kobe would miss the Lakers’ 2014 Christmas Day game with a torn rotator cuff. He would later have surgery to repair the injury.


Kobe’s final Christmas game ended with a 94-84 loss to the Clippers, though the Lakers still looked pretty good in holiday script-adorned jerseys. The NBA even gave attention to minute details, such as putting the league’s seal in a faux wax stamp on the back as a reference to holiday cards.


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