It started when you said, “Hello”
Just did something to me
And I’ve been in a daze
Ever since the day that we met

Dan + Shay – Speechless

So I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that I have been far less than active on my blog these past few months. In truth I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be more active on it. Not because I’m not inspired or don’t want to do it, just because of time. I’ve taken up a couple of new jobs in terms of Second Life over the last few months and those tend to eat a lot of my time. I’m not complaining. I love what I’m doing, truly, but it does require a good bit of time. Eventually and sporadically I will try to do my best to post here and there because I do still love this.

I have been staying busy running Social Media for Burrow Company, which I’m sure most of you already know of. I also picked up the one thing I had yet to do in Second Life, and that is DJing. I’ve really enjoyed that to this point and I have good feeling that I will continue to as time goes on. If you really want to keep up with me, check out DJ Lucky Spiritor for all of the things DJ related. I try to go back and post setlists and mixes of what I happened to play in the event you don’t make a show.

I also finally tied the knot with Aria, now Mrs. Spiritor. It took us forever to get there and in the end eloping was the best and easiest option. We got what we wanted from it and in the end that -is- what it’s all about. I’ll share the photos that she did for us below so you can check those out. But you should definitely view them on her Flickr and give them some faves and love because they turned out amazing. Until next time, maybe I’ll see you at a show (I’ve got one on Saturday night at 7pm SLT, Chance hits the stage at 5pm SLT so it’ll be an awesome time if you make it over to Burrow). If not, stay cool, stay safe, and I’ll see ya soon.

Oh and so I don’t get in trouble, this was written ahead of time and set to publish.

Oh, I’m speechless
You already know that you’re my weakness
After all this time I’m just as nervous
Every time you walk into the room
I’m speechless
Dan + Shay – Speechless

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