Men Of Destruction Reap Iniquity, When Heroes Of Courage Die With Dignity

Show me a smile on your silly face
‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race,
My darling…
Hurt – Wars


Normally in the free time outside of Second Life if I was playing another game it would be World of Warcraft but that’s changed a little. I still play WoW just not as often as I used to, partly because the game is a bit stale, and partly because I’m just kind of burnt out on it. I like parts of it and I like the people, but it needs a major refresh to draw people like myself back in. Another game has filled the void that stale WoW has left. I didn’t think I’d get into it because shooters normally aren’t my kind of thing, but Aria convinced me to try The Division 2. Thus far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what we’ve done in it.

Sometimes we’re just running around finding loot and shooting random enemies we come across. Other times we squad up with Chance and hopefully more friends in the future. Either way it’s been a ton of fun to learn something new and actually enjoy playing it. There’s still a ton to learn and even more to explore and I think I’m only just scratching the surface of what’s there. I do enjoy a nice headshot on some pain in the ass enemy who thinks they’re smart. It is such a sweet feeling to watch that go down. I’ve also enjoyed the skills part of it, seeker mines, drones, shields, chem launchers, you name it. I barely know most of it so it can only get better.

I think we could probably, maybe use some reinforcements down the line too. You know the more the merrier and stuff. If any of you might have an interest in playing here or there let me know somehow. We play on PC cause PC master race right? I mean if you’re gonna do it, do it big. But really it’s been a shitload of fun. If you’ve never thought about maybe give it a look and if you’re in there and want some friends, reach out. I won’t blow you up, intentionally, probably.

All of the amazing items I used to put together the look for this shot I’ve used many times before. There’s a reason I keep using them too. They just are that good. Not much beats Tonktastic for your military wear needs and I’ve never loved weapons more than the ones I get from :BAMSE: and The Omega Concern. Still rocking the [LEGACY] body too, though less obvious in this shot. I do know that my skin creator Clef de Peau plans to release skins for it this week so I’m looking forward to that. It’ll allow me to do a real deep dive on the body and what I think.

There was never a day that went by
That’s a good day to die
Won’t you please close your eyes?
For the millions of lives…
Who have senselessly died in a war?
Hurt – Wars

Hurt - Goodbye To The Machine


Pose: /WRONG/ – Explosive ~ SatanLoveM Resident

Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel [SL Neck] v3.2 ~ Catwa Clip
Head Applier: Clef de Peau.Janis T3 [CATWA] ~ Marcopol Oh ~ NEW @ ACCESS (Jun 12-Jul 7)
Hairbase: Stealthic – Male Hairbase ~ Stealthic Resident
Brows: Clef de Peau.Eyebrows v.32 Brown Omega [CATWA] Applier ~ Marcopol Oh
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ears ~ Luciayes Magic
Eyes: Avi-Glam. Aurora Eyes – Nymph ~ Kendra Parfort
Beard: [MF] Daniel Bento Viking Stache & Beard – Sun ~ Stefandetoifrench75 Janus
Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (m) (1.1) ~ MeshBody Resident
Tattoo: {Speakeasy} – Mint ~ Jamie Moon ~ NEW @ Dubai (Jun 20-Jul 10)

Hat: TonkTastic – Patrol Cap M.#1 ~ Tonk Tomcat
Glasses: D1&MTG – Eyeshields ~ Kamil Noel
Vest: The Omega Concern – Tactical Vest, Male, NoRig 1.0 ~ April Heaney
Top: TonkTastic – Commando Shirt 2.0 (Signature) ~ Tonk Tomcat
Pants: TonkTastic – Combat Pants T3 ~ Tonk Tomcat
Boots: TonkTastic – 390s ~ Tonk Tomcat
Gun (L): The Omega Concern – Mk17 SCAR-H EGLM 1.0.9 ~ April Heaney
Gun (R): The Omega Concern – Mk48 LMG 1.0.6 ~ April Heaney
Pistol: :BAMSE: Tactical Gear – .45 Tactical [MODDED] RARE ~ GACHA ~ LiamZander Resident
Gun (Back): The Omega Concern – APR 308 1.1.2 ~ April Heaney
Grenades: [Z-DAY] Grenade Pack ~ Dreizehn Kozlov


Backdrop: MINIMAL – Pyrotech Bunker ~ Minimalgroup Resident
Hacker: xin + toro // portable hacking control station ~ GACHA ~ Superjaix Resident
Ammo Box: :BAMSE: Sharpshooter – Ammo Box ~ GACHA ~ Liamzander Resident
Briefcase: xin + toro // money briefcase ~ GACHA ~ Jammeh Resident
Sniper Rifle: :BAMSE: Sharpshooter – Sniper Rifle RARE ~ GACHA ~ LiamZander Resident
Gun Rack: xin + toro // gun racks + RARE ~ GACHA ~ Superjaix Resident
Bulletin Board: xin + toro // bulletin board (planning) ~ GACHA ~ Jammeh Resident
Table/Money/Drugs/Bat: [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen ~ Raph Dirval

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